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We take our futures for granted, but what if we were not able to go to school? Our futures would be very different from the ones we envision now.

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A huge disaster, a Typhoon named Haiyan, happened in Philippines. For the moment there is about 2,300 victims, and this number is expected to rise. A lot of people lost members of their family and friends, some children are now orphan. Bodies are lying everywhere, even on the side of the street. Survivors are waiting at the airport for a flight out of the city. Aid workers are there to help them but they struggle to help the survivors. Apparently, employees from medecins sans frontiers said that the issue of distributing aid was enormous.

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This article discusses the aftermath of the disastrous typhoon that hit the Philippines. This disaster created a lack of sanitation, fresh water, and emergency health teams, lead up to many deadly diseases, such as cholera, malaria, hepatitis, and typhoid fever. It has been said that the chances of leptospirosis and polio making a comeback to the country is very high.

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In this article it mentions the violence happening between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s which had fuelled up for these past couple of months. It had been said that explosives had gone off in a tunnel where the Israeli soldiers had been. This then caused causalities between the Palestinians and the Israelis in Khan Younis, where four Palestinians were killed and the injury of five Israeli soldiers.

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The article ‘India child sex victims 'humiliated'’ posted on the BBC news and written by ‘The US-based Human Right Watched’ discusses about the lack of awareness the country of India has towards children getting abused sexually.  The HRW (Human Rights Watched) reports that children in India whom have been victimized of child sexual abuse are often neglected and humiliated by the police.

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This article looks at the many issues that teens experience while making their transition into the complex world of adulthood. It looks at their moods and reactions to things that accrue in their everyday lives such as loss of friendships depression or unbalanced anger. Parents are having trouble distinguishing when these outbursts really begin to take a tool on the Childs life, and when it is necessary to seek sources other than themselves for help.

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An article published on the 16th of October, 2013 by the Montreal Gazette, addressed the issues brought up by Pauline Marois and the PQ government with the proposed values of the Charter of Quebec. The Charter of Values violates human rights by banning the hijab, kippah, and Sikh turbans in public institutions. In a recent interview Pauline Marois stated that “gender equality” is of more importance then religious freedoms. She claims that Quebec should be trying to become more “modern”, and that in order to do so, they need to lessen religion.

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A major social problem that has been growing as the use of technology has increased is cyber bullying. This is a topic that many teens can relate to, whether they’ve been the victim or perpetrator of bullying. In this article, juvenile police officers have brought the consequences to the attention of middle school aged students. Cyber bullying is almost always something that occurs outside of the classroom. The major problem with cyber bullying is that the result of it can be brought back into the school setting, resulting in a physical or verbal fight between the victim and the bully. By informing the students on the consequences at a young age, juvenile police offers hope that it can decrease the amount of cyber bullying problems they will have with that generation in the future.

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Actually in Greece, it is said that seven young people entering on the job market out of ten will be unemployed. At the moment, it represents the highest unemployment level in Europe with a percentage of 62.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 25. This period of unemployment is caused by the financial crisis that, as we know, affected Greece gravely since around 2010. As the author said, it is now doubly stressful to finish school by seeing what awaits them on the job market when they need to work and study hard for their final exams.

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Disney's new Princess Sofia was supposed to be the first princess to represent Hispanic women. However Disney recently posted that Princess Sofia is to represent "multi-cultural" ethnicity's, presenting controversies with Hispanic and other cultural fans who wish to identify with a Disney Princess.

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An article posted on September 11th, 2013, mentions that it would approximately take 25 years for Europe to improve its poverty levels. It was said by Oxfam that by 2025, more than 25 million Europeans will no longer have a proper way of living. It has been also said that the most unequal countries in the Western world are the ones who are affected by austerity.

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