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In Amy L. Tobler, et al.’s (2012) study “Perceived Racial/Ethnic Discrimination, Problem Behaviors, and Mental Health Among Minority Urban Youth,” the researchers investigated the frequency and intensity of racial and ethnic discrimination experiences and their association to problem behavior and mental health (p. 337).  The researchers hypothesized that the frequency and intensity of racial/ethnic discrimination experiences has a relationship with the health and behavioral outcomes of adolescents (Tobler, et al., 2012, p. 339). The study took place between October 2008 and October 2009.

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Many people do not know what it really means to have a sense of belonging, especially in the transition from high school to college. How about if the question was about how students with invisible disabilities develop a sense of belonging? The social science research article that I will be talking about covers just that. For many students, establishing a sense of belonging contributes to help advance students’ self-advocacy, mastery of the student role, and social relationships.

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            The news article “’Go Back to China’: Readers Respond to Racist Insults Shouted at a New York Times Editor” discusses the racial insults said to Asian-Americans. Micheal Luo published a letter online to someone who had told his family to go back to China (Luo, 2016, para. 3). Luo (2016) received many replies from Asian-Americans telling their stories of similar experiences encountering racism (para. 4).

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In this advertisement, a young woman looks straight at the camera. She sports a black eye, and is sitting on an expensive couch. A young man, dressed in a suit stands behind her, holding a diamond necklace. The ad reads: “Look good in all you do”. This ad is for a hair salon in Edmonton, Alberta, and has received a lot of negative press for the way the woman is portrayed. To start, the black eye is a sign of physical damage, usually associated to rape or intimate partner abuse.

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In the article “Race Without Color,” Jared Diamond (2016) argues that the concept “race” is not scientifically valid since it is based on subjective variables decided by the dominant group of society (para. 5). I agree with Diamond that the term and concept of “race” is a social construct, meaning there is no biological evidence that we should even have them term.

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