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The potentially deadly substance name “Molly” is the second drug of choice for many teens. A teen that had a bad experience with Molly decided to warn other teen about this drug by telling her story. She explains that she was throwing non-stop. In the morning, she had a seizure. She was took to the hospital where she end up in a coma for 46 hrs.  She also explain that the drug she took could have been contaminated with rat poison or Drano. She finally claims that before she took the pill, she had no idea of what molly is or what molly should look like.

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                The City of Indianapolis proposed a bill named ‘’Homeless Bill of Rights’’, with the objective of improving homeless individuals’ condition.  It would be a first-of-a-kind in the United States and a major breakthrough for homeless rights. However, the mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the bill after the council voted in favor of such laws. The bill was supported by homeless helping organization who are frustrated by the results of their effort. The bill had for instance the inability to relocate a homeless person and allowed them to ‘’move freely in public spaces’’ (Eason).  

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Recently, a severe case of bullying has surfaced. An unnamed student in New York State has allegedly forced a special-need student to drink their own urine. The bully filmed the incident and posted the video on the Internet. In addition to this harassment, the student is also a repeated offender as he was involved in infamously bringing a bus driver to tears a few years ago. Nonetheless, Greece Athena High School, the school where the incident occurred, has taken measures to make sure nothing similar happens again.

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Two animal right activist from the United-States face 10 years of prison and a title of terrorist after being caught releasing mink and foxes from a fur farms. They face charges under the 2006 law where damaging property or profit line of animal businesses can carry terrorism conviction, all without any violence. Kevin Johnson and Tyler Lang will plead for the federal charges to be dismissed. The lawyer of the two defendants claims that the use of the concept of terrorism is not appropriate and is use to stop free speech.

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The case of the young native Makayla Sault, the girl who refused cancer treatment, raised a lot of debate during the last month. After her first month of chemotherapy, she (and her parents) decided to get on holistic medicine and leave chemo. Unfortunately, Makayla passed away. Her parents claim that her death was caused by the treatment, when specialists blame the cancer itself. Everyone should have the right to decide how to cure (or not) themself, that is why I think not leaving someone make its own choice is unethical.

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Original title: Should you juice? Fans of detox diet call it a health 'reboot'Date of Publication: Monday, October 7th, 2013                                                                                                                                                     Alexander Mandez  

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We must eat in order to survive. That is a fact.  Unfortunately the way we feed our self has an impact on the environment.

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When it gets dangerous for an elderly to stay home alone and take care of himself, family have to relocate them in a safer place with services and care or adapt their house. But this can be very expensive and very stressful if you do not have so much time and money to spend. It is the case of Ms. Walker, who has to spend $50,000 on her mother’s care. She has to empty her mother’s retirement fund plus take in her own bank account. Only 7 of the 10 caregivers meted by Ms. Walker were providing a certain kind of financial assistance.

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On an article from CTV News named School Boards Have to Make Budget Choice, Says Yves Bolduc published on August 28, 2014, Quebec education minister Yves Bolduc made a controversy by saying, on August 26, to the French newspaper Le Devoir that there was enough books in school libraries. This source is reliable because, the day after, Bolduc himself went on national television to restate his position by asking librarians to spend as much on books as the previous years.

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This week, the Supreme Court of Canada got involved in a debate treating of the assisted death. Since the province of Quebec passed a law allowing under certain condition the assisted suicide, some Canadian right-to-die advocates claim a renew of the law. The court has for objective to decide if giving death to someone who requests it violates the laws. Those laws guarantee the right to life, liberty and security, as well as an equal treatment for all regarding the law. In Canada, helping someone to die is a crime punishable by a sentence of 14 years in prison.

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In the article “Belgian lawmakers extend euthanasia to children,” posted on Global News on February 13th, 2014, it discusses how the euthanasia law in Belgium has been approved for children under the age of 18. The Belgian euthanasia law was first approved and established to legal Belgian adults only in 2002 before a vote of 86-44 in favor of legalizing euthanasia for minors took place in 2014, which was opposed by certain pediatricians nation-wide as well as opposed from the high priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Last month, Conservative government’s anti-drug TV campaign ended. In total, $7,026,822 has been spent in advertising, which is more than what Health Canada for all the other programs and services combined during 2013 and 2014. The campaign, which was supposed to target an audience of parents, has also for purpose to attack the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s idea to legalize and regulate cannabis. What the spokesman for Health Minister Rona Ambrose deplores is that for decades, government have been communicating the dangers of cannabis, and now Mr.

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After the attacks perpetrated at the Charlie Hebdo office, an anti-Muslim crime-wave appear in the street of France. In total, over 55 anti-Muslim crimes have been reported. Muslim businesses and mosques were the target of acts of vandalism. Also, hate speech, racist graffiti, discrimination, physical assault and even a murder has been observed in France during the last week. "The attacks in Paris occurred in a very Islamophobic and racist context in France," said Elsa Ray, representative for the Collective against Islamophobia in France.

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