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Each year, millions of people are impatiently waiting for the new Iphone by Apple. And each year, you have the same box you had last year, except some minor changes like a better camera and a better screen resolution. And for how much? Not 200$, not 300$, but 600$! It is up to you to decide if you buy it or not, but I think apple is going too far this year.  

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  Nowadays, electronic devices have taken a lot of places in our lives. In fact, we use them for many purposes such as communicating with friends, sharing personal information, surfing on the Internet, etc. What first got me excited about this article is the fact that, in reality, no one has really a true knowledge concerning “online privacy”. Is online information, by accepting the ‘’Private policy and Terms of Use’’, really in security and classified confidential, even by the government?

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This article demonstrates that the media has  convinced some people from believing that beauty stands upon appearances. This subject is an important issue because it implies that not only teenagers, but adults might be facing this media standard of beauty.  An ethical issue is raised, should beauty be based on appearances?

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Nicolas Gosselin 1030

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