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The 15 commodities and the 100 companies are of interest because they are what depicts our future, therefore meaning if we are too live in a sustainable world or not, because certain resources are running out, and fast! The 15 commodities are beef, Bio-fuels, cotton, dairy, fishmeal, timber, palm oil, salmon, shrimp farming, wild shrimp, soy, sugarcane, turn and whitefish. Therefore, change must be done, because if the overconsumption of these commodities continues, at the rate that it is, we may live in an economy that is not sustainable, eventually these resources will run out.

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Over the years we have seen that poaching has gone up, especially in a country like Africa that has many amazing and majestic animals, yet people still kill them for the sole purpose to make money. Elephants are poached for their tusks, tigers for their beautiful fur, and finally rhinos are poached for their horns. Wild rhinos are disappearing at an alarming pace and it must stop.

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An article, published in The Gazette on January 22nd, 2015 by The Telegraph, brought up the issue of animal cruelty.  The title of this article, “Foie Gras Company on Trial for ‘Extreme Cruelty’ to Ducks and Geese: ‘We Are Not Barbarians’”, gives a glimpse of the conflict in this situation. The trial against the company called Ernest Soulard happened because the French animal rights group, L214, posted a video of geese being force-fed on the farms of this French company.

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