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The prevalence of child soldiers is a tragic phenomenon that spans different warring nations.  Watch and respond to the following video by a former Sudanese child soldier named Emmanuel Jal.  

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During the first Gulf War, journalist Kenneth Jarecke took real and shocking pictures of war. His goal was to show them to the citizens of America in order for them to realize that "war is ugly". Why do you think people should see pictures like this in the media? Or why do you believe these images should stay where they come from?

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The definition for "extremism" I found was from Mirriam-Webster.  It states that extremism is belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider \correct or reasonable . Before reading up on this definition, I thought that extremism was a definition that was based on religion. In other words, I believed that extremism was an act of violence that people demonstrate for their religion or country. I learned that extremism does not necessarily deal with religion, although it is possible depending on the belief and support on the ideas that one may have.  

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