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Alexandra Kantchev

I am a second year student at Champlain College. I am studying criminology, hoping to become a Forensic Psychologist.
On this day of the inauguration of the new President of the United States, I am concern to see how the population will react and if there will be any trouble/ problems created by unhappy citizens.


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In 2008, in Alberta, a university created a movement to spread awareness by living in the streets for a week just like homeless people do all year long. The students who do so live with the basic things a homeless person have access to such as a coat, a sleeping bag and maybe blankets. This movement became popular over the years and is now practiced here in Montreal by Concordia’s students. On March 16th, while there was a snowstorm here in Montreal, students decided to do the project anyways and were very happy of the results.

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For a few weeks now, I have been doing research on an important on-going issue: Homelessness. I have read many journal articles to find information and statistics to fully grasp the extant of the issue. However, news cannot compare to scholarly journals in their accuracy and truthfulness. Therefore, this week, I have found different articles and looked at the fields of research the authors used to make their findings. Here are 3 of the academic disciplines that can be used to collect data on homelessness.   Discipline 1: Public Health  

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The cost of life is very expensive now a day and people with no job are likely to loose their properties and end up in the streets. This leads to the rise of homeless people all around the world.  In a previous summary, I have talked about Montreal, Melbourne as well as England and all the articles I have consulted showed the statistics were going up.  Not having a house can be very dangerous for theses people. Indeed, with the recent snowstorm, people in the street are not safe and they can be very hurt. Another great example is that they are an easy target for criminals.

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The Old Mission Brewery is a non-profitable organization that has for main goal to propose as many services as they can so they will be able to reach as many people as possible. 
At the Old Mission Brewery, it is easy to volunteer and there are many things people can do to help. The five main categories are creating an event, becoming a partner, serve dinner, take part in a fundraising event or simply volunteer. The simplest action would be to volunteer for a day or two.

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Living in big cities sometimes mean people do not always notice social issues that are happening right in front of them. Or is it that they just do not want to see them? Looking at their phone to ignore a woman with a Styrofoam cup in their hand, rolling up the window of their car when a man propose to wash the windshield for a few cents, that is how people ignore homelessness. However, looking away will not solve this issue that touches so many men and women around the world. From Quebec to Australia to England, homelessness is an important matter that should be looked through in dept.

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On January 25th, The New York Times announced that Vladimir Poutin approved a new law that reduces the sentence one can get if charged with domestic violence. Moreover, for now on, criminal charges will only be given if the victim was seriously injured (“concussion, broken bones or repetitive offense”). Some people go as far as saying that it is normal for parents to hit their children since it is a part of their culture. On the other side, some people believe it is a “step back to medieval times” and believe this law should not be in place.Afterwards, Ms.

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“If he Beats you he Loves you” seems to be the new slogan of tendency in Western Europe’s largest country, Russia. Indeed, Susan Ormiston explained through CBC News in “Domestic Violence Penalty Rolled Back in Russia” on January 27th, 2017 that the conservative parliament of Russia succeeded to bring the amendment of decriminalizing domestic abuse to the third reading. However, the president Vladimir Putin’s approval of the amendment is still required to bring about official change.

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