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The article “Has Ebola Exposed a Strain of Racism?”, written for the New York Times by Hanna Kozlowska on October 21, 2014 explains how the Ebola virus has brought signs of racism in the United States of America. According to the point of view of Josephs Weeks, the nephew of the black man who recently died in the United States from the Ebola virus, his uncle was victim of racism in the hospital.

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Many people think that it's only women who have it hard in this world and that men don't struggle at all. Although it may seem that they have it easier, they definitely do still struggle. In society, women are expected to be tall, thin and naturally pretty, but many forget about society's high expectations of men to be stoic, powerful, and violent just to name a few.

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           The housing market in the U.S. is still filled with injustice and discrimination towards nonwhite minorities. A New York Times article published on June 11 2013 titled “Discrimination in Housing Against Nonwhites Persist Quietly, U.S. Study Finds” by Shaila Dewan seeks to prove the occurrence of racism in housing in the United States. The study includes around 8000 tests in which one white and one minority individual with similar qualifications posed as potential renters or buyers of a house.

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