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The Honour the Treaties tour which is led by Neil Young is an organization that is based on expanding the voices of domestic people by using art. Neil Young can easily do this as he is a musician and song writer and is well known around the world. His goal with this treaty is to get rid of the Alberta oil sands as they are taking away our economy. However this would lead to the loss of jobs for many people, the loss of an economic partnership with the United States and the loss of people knowing that there are other ways to protect the environment.

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Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour is a tour funding the first nations’ legal fight against the Athabasca oil sands project. He wants to stop the oil sands development. His tour has brought a great amount of discussion concerning the pros and cons of the tour. However, the pros of this tour overpowers the cons. I’m for the Honour the Treaties tour because of the negative effects that the oil sand project has on our environment, economy and human rights. His tour promotes proper awareness towards the oil sands’ lack of positive outcomes.

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Honor the treaties tour is an organization dedicated to the indigenous people in Alberta that are being affected by the development of the oil sands. This tour is to promote the danger and damages caused by this development. Honor the treaties tour is led by Neil Young, the founder of it all. Some of the few things that were affected were the environment, the economy and the human rights of the citizens. In the following paragraphs I will be providing examples and information to back up my arguments that have been stated,  

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