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       The increase in numbers of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil are unquestionably striking. In 2014, less than 150 cases of microcephaly were reported while, since only October of  2015, the Brazilian minister of health has reported 3450 cases of children born with an abnormally small head (n.a., Le Brésil s'attaque au virus Zika).  With the Zika virus outbreak in the region around the same period of time, a link between the Zika virus and children born with microcephaly is presently being investigated by researchers.

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No doubts, fundamental beliefs can be a fragile subject. Some conflicts can occur when these values contrast, since our life choices are based on these values and beliefs. The attack on the satiric journal Charlie Hebdo has been really controversial. One thing is sure, both of the parties did not use the most delicate way to express their disaffection towards each other’s beliefs.

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Every year since 1929, the Academy Awards ceremony hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognises excellence in cinematic achievements (best actor, best picture, best screenplay, etc.) in the film industry. For actors/actresses, producers or others, receiving this prestigious award means a great recognition of a job well done. It usually translates into better scripts, better pay, more offers, marketing opportunities for future movies and so on.

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