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             When one looks at the over view of society, one can evidently see how hierarchy and control impacts every one’s life. Law influences every individual from the speed limit one drives, to putting the garbage out on a certain day to even how much taxes we pay on certain items. The law is evident in everything we, as citizens, do. By studying law as a social science you can look at how it effects each individual personally.

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            Law as a social science is a study that is important for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of. One of the most important benefits of studying law as a social science is learning how the law impacts human behaviour. Some laws may not necessarily change society as a whole immediately, but it does have an effect on how people view the world. For example, the Somerset case changed people’s outlook on slavery and helped determine what rights slaves were supposed to be entitled to. However, the ruling didn’t abolish slavery.

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When the idea of law and legal systems enter many individuals minds as well as my own I would assume it means power, obedience and authority. However, the real question which triggers many is why must one simply obey the law. In my opinion I think many obey the law based on two reasons. The first is the societal consequences if one does not. Not only do the law create consequences for disobeying the law, but as well as society. An example could be something simple as stealing a chocolate bar from Dollarama.

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Law plays a critical part in every individual’s life, including my own. The law not only governs who I am as a person but also regulates my actions. For starters, the law decides on essentially how I wake up on a Monday morning. For the city made a bylaw that states garbage pickup in my area is Monday from 6 am to 1 pm. Than, when I get in my car and drive to Algoma university I abide by several laws. First of all, having my drivers licence up to date as well as insurance on my car. A law that is made by the provincial government.

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