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Law as a social science is very beneficial to learn throughout ones lifetime. Studying cases and the law itself are also important in understanding the concepts of the law. But, studying law as a social science allows one to understand how the concepts of the law are related within society. It allows us to understand how the decisions that the law makes benefits society and relates to human interaction. Society is made up of communities, of people coming together to make a group of people that work and live together as a whole.

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I believe that we obey the law for many different reasons. One reason that we may obey the law is because that is how we were raised to do so. I was brought up learning to always follow the law and if I didn’t it would lead to undesirable consequences. Another reason I follow the law is I feel morally obligated to do so. This stems from my upbringing and the morals that I was taught and that I developed. The threat of punishment and consequences is a big reason we feel obligated to follow the law. The shame of having my name on “SooToday” is enough to keep me from breaking the law.

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Everyday we encounter some form of the law in different ways. One way I encounter the law on a daily basis is through driving regulations. In order to drive it is the law that I have a driver’s license and that my license is valid. It is also the law that the license plate on my car is registered and the registration is not expired. Traffic laws and speed limits are also part of everyday driving laws. Although these laws tend to get broken regularly they are still laws and legal action can take place if they are broken. Some people encounter different laws on a daily basis than others.

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