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Original title: One of the Best Urban Development Sites in the Country to be Transformed into New Walkable Neighborhood in Center of Downtown Cleveland

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Obama is putting into action the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing Enforcement Act. The US is taking illegal fishing and seafood fraud much more seriously now. This act is to help prevent ships carrying illegal fish and other ocean products to the american market.

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This article is meant to raise awareness about new drilling sites that are being planned to be built in Alaska. Alaska, as a state needs more money. In order to create more money, its governor wants to create more drilling platforms. This is a definite problem because Alaska is already subject to global warming's effects. Creating more drills only increases the amount pollution that will be created. Alaska needs more money to evacuate a town which is affected by the rising see levels.   

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The article “The Planet Is Going To Have Its Hottest Year on Record” is written by Brian Khan, and throughout the article he states that this year will be the hottest year and there is no way to slow it down. According to Khan, the reasoning behind his hypothesis is because this year “outpaced all other years from start to finish by riding on the back of record ocean heat”. August set a record for the hottest ocean temperature, surpassing the previous record by 2 °F. With the continuation of global warming, it is possible that 2015 will not be the hottest year for long.

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This article presents the controversy between different political parties both in the United States and in Canada about a pipeline project. This pipline project, known as Keystone XL, consists of making a large pipeline from Alberta's oilsands to the United states. This project would have numerous economic advantages for both Canada and the United States. However, it raises many environmental issues. The project would have many negative effects on Albertian and Saskatchewan ecosystems.

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