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We spend at least twelve years of our lives in a school setting in the presence of teachers. Almost everyone has a teacher who has influenced their lives and for many instilled a love of learning and a want to educate. Education is not gender biased and teaching is not specifically geared toward one gender. Schools however, are seeing less and less male teachers. Elementary and Middle Schools specifically are seeing fewer men, with less than twenty percent of teachers being male. Part of this can be due to the low salary and less prestige that teaching in American now holds.

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           Although the negative feedback towards Suit Supply’s photos did force the company to remove them on Facebook, the company still decided to keep them on their website (“Suit Supply’s ‘Shameless’ Campaign Causes Stir With Scantily-Clad Women.”).            On the surface, this advertisement is simply trying to promote their new clothing line as 'chic', but as the public would agree, this advertisement is anything but innocent.

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You think you know what you're getting when you're taking a race and racism course. I mean it's right there in the title; race and racism. A class where you learn about differences between all the races in the world and delve into the prejudices that surround these races. That was from the case. Learning that the idea of race is essentially a myth and just an excuse to put us into social groups was quite awakening.

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