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As discussed throughout the semester we have looked at the presence of the law in our daily lives. The law is reflective of its society’s norms and expectations, written rules that we abide that help to maintain a working flow and a way to punish or have set consequences for those who do not. It is hard if not impossible to study one without including some aspect of the other because they are so intertwined. Laws were created to maintain order and set expectations for the citizens, I believe that there is not and has never been a society that was not governed by law.

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When asking the question why do we obey the law? There is not one specific answer but rather multiple factors that together can answer. People choose to obey the law for a variety of reasons including religion, morals, safety, fear of punishment, public shame among a few. The decision we make to obey or break a law i believe can change based on situation and type of law. I obey most laws because it was what i was taught to do, i was raised to respect authority and follow the rules.

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When looking at the presence of law in daily life I believe it can have either a visible or invisible role and can change from one to the other. The majority of daily life is structured by the law and we follow the rules without realizing it is because of the laws that are in place. I think an example of the law in my daily life as being invisible would be my modes of transportation. When I am a passenger in a vehicle I wear a seat belt, as a pedestrian I follow the crossing signs and cross the road when it says to and when taking the bus I pay the fare.

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