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              In recent years, there has been a lot of controversies surrounding the underrepresentation of certain races in mainstream media. Following the #OscarsSoWhite phenomenon, Hollywood is now constantly under fire for not casting visible minorities in leading roles, especially for their adaptations of foreign media. Ghost in the Shell did not help its case when director Rupert Sanders decided to cast Scarlett Johansson as his movie's leading role, which was originally portrayed in the manga as a Japanese girl (or cyborg), Motoko Kusanagi.

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              Volkswagen had always been a reputed brand – promoting “the people’s car” as well as their low gas emissions – until 2015, when a scandal erupted regarding the company’s fraud in emission tests in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered a software installed in Volkswagen cars that was able to detect the parameters set by the EPA, and therefore allowed them change their performance to match the federal emission levels.

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Mainstream media such as newspapers, radio and television have become an essential way of transmitting various news, events, tragedies and much more globally, but just how diluted is the information we are receiving on a daily basis? Many people may have never even considered the fact that the news they are given each day by known reporters and news analysts has been diluted to make it "consumable" by the public.

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