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In order to keep Earth’s biodiversity, we need to improve how we use our resources and create sustainable practices to ensure their survival. We need to set up priorities, which we need to start working on. In the Ted Talk with Jason Clay, he explains that there are 35 vital places to our ecosystem and what species are in danger of extinction in those areas. The strategy Jason Clay speaks about is focusing these 15 commodities that we need to work to preserve. They range from dairy to beef and even shrimp. The 100 companies control 25% of the production of the 15 commodities.

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Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the middle east, and is ranked last by the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report (which mixes political and economic empowerment, health and education) making it « the worst place for women on earth ». Admittedly, one as observed progress since a few years. The Arab Spring has had incontestable consequences on the women’s ability to speak up. Indeed, they had a very strong role in the revolution - which started in early 2011, by taking over the streets, and burning their niqab to protest against inequalities in a context of democratic transition.

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Everywhere in the media no matter if its for children or full grown adults, girls are portrait only for there beauty and nothing else. Even in cartoons, they are shown in a way that girls always have to look good and dress in a certain way otherwise they are seen as boys. In commercials, they are often used to get the attentions of the guys. But the truth is all these models we see have been alter in a certain way either by photo shop or plastic surgery.

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