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In the movie Somewhere Between (Linda Goldstein Knowlton, 2011) Linda Goldstein Knowlton portrays the life of adoption through the eyes of four teenage girls struggling to know their past. As Haley searches for her parents Linda follows her experience to understand each and every struggle she faces and how she will overcome them, in order to  provide answers for her daughter Ruby who will eventually face the same struggles.

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Welcome is a film, which was directed by Philippe Lioret released in 2009 that is an example of immigration being discriminated against. Bilal was the immigrant that was trying to swim across the English Channel from France to get to the UK to live with his girlfriend. Simon was a friend that he made a relationship with that coached him to help complete the journey. As they grew closer with a stronger relationship, Simon provided Bilal with shelter by providing him a place to sleep in his home, which was illegal.

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This article from BBC News is about the Internet censorship in China. China government has created a new body called the State Internet Information Office is a new organization of government to control what is available on Internet in China. A big censorship called ‘’great firewall of china’’ blocks websites considered sensitive by the government. There are a lot of resources to control and agencies to control Internet content. Everything is controlled, online games, content that can be politically sensitive.

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When students make a transfer in their lives from adolescence to adulthood, it tends to be a very stressful part of their lives. They start to learn about themselves, are given more freedom than they know what to do with, and are also given a lot more responsibilities with that freedom. These can all be stressful events.

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An important social issue is approached in the Article of BBC News about women security. In India, rapes were current and brought huge protest during recent months. Surya Velamuri, Else Disilva, Saloni Malhotra and Aditya are four professionals who created the website providing a "crowd-sourced" map of sexual harassment, demonstrating safe and unsafe across Indian cities. This website is an interactive map allowing participation of women in the entire world of the most unsafe places across Indian cities.

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  Teen Motherhood and Long-Term Health Consequences

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This article talks about how there are factors that impact the stigmatizing of homelessness.

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This article looks at the many issues that teens experience while making their transition into the complex world of adulthood. It looks at their moods and reactions to things that accrue in their everyday lives such as loss of friendships depression or unbalanced anger. Parents are having trouble distinguishing when these outbursts really begin to take a tool on the Childs life, and when it is necessary to seek sources other than themselves for help.

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Actually in Greece, it is said that seven young people entering on the job market out of ten will be unemployed. At the moment, it represents the highest unemployment level in Europe with a percentage of 62.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 25. This period of unemployment is caused by the financial crisis that, as we know, affected Greece gravely since around 2010. As the author said, it is now doubly stressful to finish school by seeing what awaits them on the job market when they need to work and study hard for their final exams.

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Underage drinking in college is a very common but very serious matter, binge drinking in particular. The amount of alcohol related deaths in the past year remained the same even though the number of students consuming alcohol decreased. Teachers, parents and even the government notice how dangerous underage drinking has become but know little of what they can do. Some kids are starting as early as high school.

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This article talks about how cops target African Americans and Latinos for random stops for no reason. It also gives examples of scenarios when they have been stopped by officers without reason.

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