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    Daniel Brennan wrote the article “Why Your Good Study Habits Are Wrong” on December 22, 2013, in order to give tips about studying. According to her, a lot of parents have strong opinions about how their child study and want them to finish their homework as soon as they get back home.

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The affects of drinking and driving not only can ruin your own life, but also any others that you surround yourself with.

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College students are overlooked when it comes to bullying. A psychology study conducted through the English Preparatory School of the Easern Mediterranean University aimed to determine the severity of bullying among young adults and to develop a scale that would identify the form of bullying being conducted. The study is revolutionary as no study has ever been conducted to this degree before.

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This article addresses the flaws on the age of consent in the states of California and Wisconsin.

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Keegan Stephan is a resident of New York City who has been concerned with traffic issues in his community. He has spent a considerable amount of his time to make those issues much less of a problem. He is a cyclist in New York who has been trying to make cycling a much easier and safer activity within the city. To do this he takes part in many community building activities, showing the perks of being a cyclist.

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Children with disabilities require more individualized care than the average child. In this article, a new method of teaching is being studied. Coaching children to learn, rather than traditional teaching methods, might be the answer to helping disabled children receive more properly formed education.

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The rate of successful marriage has declined over the years and many don't know why. Could observing gay and lesbian marriages help us understand why straight marriages are failing and help stop the rate of divorce?

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   The use of anti-depressant is increasing exponentially as is the number of people whom are diagnosed with depression. Of course the correlation between both is absolutely normal. However, more than a few people are being misdiagnosed for depression.

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This article looks at different peoples research and views of cyberbullying and also how boys and girls differ when it comes to this topic

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