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Films provide an entertaining medium from which the audience may draw relevant lessons. Since viewing October and The Battle of Algiers, I have come to question the intention of these movies as they were produced with the clear intent of building upon an explicit national identity. As the films were made shortly after the events they depict, while they are still metaphorically fresh in the memory of the masses, their effects are certainly magnified.

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  Since we have dealt with human rights in several topics, it is important to have clear what sources of law can be used, and at which time we can use them. Human Rights are meant to mitigate gender and child inequalities. Though I am not a law student, I will try to summarize the main sources of law that can be used when human rights are violated –or to avoid further violations-, which are two: Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law.

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  A few months ago in the Changing Welfare; Changing States course, we had a Skype “interview” with a New Zealand citizen (if I am not mistaken), who has been living in Japan for the last 25 years and is also married to a Japanese woman. He dealt under his personal opinion with different issues Japan is facing nowadays such as no public debate on politics (government’s policies) or the aging population. I will focus on the late one to develop my article.

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Why is it so vitally important to include women when working with developing countries in the process of eradicating poverty? Why are women a key actor in the development cooperation? To my mind, poverty can never be overcome, if women are being left behind, if women are not being empowered. To my mind, development necessarily includes addressing especially women and improving their situation in particular. Why is that? Let me explain this to you with the help of the example of an NGO and some theoretical input.  

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The labour force movements from Turkey towards to some western countries has started in the late 1950s and the first years of the 1960s and it is still continuing. Economic recession caused by the oil crisis in 1973 was interrupted the immigration movement for a while. But it could not have prevented the immigration to continue in the form of "family reunion".  The biggest external migration has occurred towards to Germany.  The migration from Turkey to the European countries and especially to Germany is based on the demand of labor of these countries. 

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In this article, the journalist summarizes David Thomson's book, entitled "The French jihadists." It shows the importance of women in the new jihad mostly leaded by ISIS in Syria and Irak and the importance of social networks in their indoctrination. According to David Thomson, journalist and author of The French Jihadists, it would be on a range of 100-150 women and children, along with French fighters installed Syria.  Who are they? 

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    Probably, we all know something about the European Union or the United Nations. But have you already heard of the African Union (AU)? I suppose that this is not the case. However, on the continent of Africa this international intergovernmental organization is quite relevant for finding solutions to issues concerning security, peace and economic and political stability. To elaborate on the question, to which extend the AU provides African solutions to African problems, is the aim of this article.  

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  In the last years, the world has experienced a large increase of terrorist attacks, more precisely coming from Arab countries, however this is not going to be the issue here. Along this article, it is going to be discussed, whether to become a suicide terrorist can be considered a rational rather than an irrational choice.

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  First of all, we shall bear in mind different aspects while trying to understand a different culture and society from the outside world. So in the realm of keeping as merely intermediaries between our personal culture and the issue we are “judging” -since Muslim women may agree to cover their head with a “Burka” or “Hijab” under their traditional beliefs- it would be a huge mistake trying to apply our cultural values and standards in our viewpoint.

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