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    There is so much problems on the planet that could be overcomed by stronger wills of inhabitants. Most problems that we face nowadays are caused by men “cleverness” that sometimes can be very destructive. The planet is starting to age, because of her tiredness of men’s fights. Citizens, children, women, men, foreigners are tagged, but  now it is time to stop putting names on what we see and start being one whole that support each other. Oxfam

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In my latest project, I studied what are the problems in our everyday lives that keep us from going forward in the gender equality matter. I looked at impartial articles on gender studies, men's studies and sociology to find the general causes of gender inequality in our social environment and found out that the major factors in that issue were that women are expected to work a double shift of work when they get home because of gender role. Also gender generalization in our society prevents us from being equal with everybody who doesn't fit the mold our society puts them into.

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Education has been my main subject on News Activist. I wrote about the issues concerning women, students and teachers in the educational environment. In this last post, I will introduce you to the inequalities of the women’s post-education and, then, I will introduce you to an event I have went to called “Marche Monde” organized by Oxfam Québec.

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Words are very important. They allow us, amongst many other things, to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Some words, however, are more delicate than others, especially when they define someone’s identity or have a very heavy and dark past such as “faggot” or “nigger”.

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In my previous posts about education, I talked a lot about children and their literacy. Today, I will be focused on the situation of the teachers, more precisely, on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession of 2016. In the article “The U.S. Makes 4 Important Education Commitments to the World” of the Huffington Post, the author Sean McComb this events.  

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Education should be one of the most important subject matter in politics. Education brings new ideas, concepts and bond in the population. A politician understood that and his name is Michael Gove.

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As we have seen in my previous post, discrimination of black and disabled students is present in charter and public schools. What my post did not mention is the discrimination towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

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When you are a wealthy parents, you immediately think that the best education your child can get is in a private institution. Unfortunately, a recent analysis about charter schools made by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights shows some disparities in these environnements.  

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Hi everyone, if you are interested to do some volunteering, here is an organization that is pretty known, and, I think, can make you live a great experience. Its shows values as equality, rights, human rights, justice and try to get everyone on the planet equal.

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Serious problems are all around the world. Some of them like the environment or the poverty are more important than loosing a hockey game or braking a IPhone. We are so stuck with our own belly button that we can not see what is outside and owe us to understand it even for a minute. First of all, lets see how serious the problem is.

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South Korea’s schools are killing their students. Physical and psychological issues are hitting the learners in an exaggerated overwhelming way. For instance, the article “The Assault Upon our Children” by See-Wong Koo directly says: “Among young South Koreans who confessed to feeling suicidal in 2010, an alarming 53 percent identified inadequate academic performance as the main reason for such thoughts.” Koreans might be part of the smartest kids in the world by belonging to the class that has among the highest ranks on international education tests.

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        The advertisement shows a woman wearing nothing but leggings. Thankfully, the advertisement itself “American Apparel” covers her private parts. The photograph appears to be taken in a home on a sofa covered with blanket, so that it looks like a bed. Sex happens on the bed which could be why she is there. The image incorrectly portrays woman in many ways: the advertisement contains partial nudity, creates an unattainable “perfect” body, send the message that woman should be sexy, is problematic to youth, is sexually suggestive, and invites the audience “in” with explicit imagery.

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It is commonly known that at a certain age, we are more susceptible to contract diseases. Some of them are irreversible and only get worse as some cancer or as Alzheimer, but others are curable like the influenza and other type of cancer. Recently, Quebec passed a bill called “Bill 52”. This law makes it legal to a doctor to help a patient dying with the patient’s authorization.

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A study, led by Research Professor Gidon Eshel analysed the environmental impact of beef, chicken and pork and found that the production of red meat is the more harmful one for the planet using 28 times more land and 11 times more water than the production of other meats.

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When a Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences’s study announced that half of the big trees had been lost since the 1930s, it should ring a bell.

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The article ‘’ The effects of pollution on fish health’’ published on December 1998, on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the US National Library of Medicine, suggest that the large number of deaths in marine animals are caused by all the pollutants and the heavy metals  released in the water by the humans. The pollutants released into the water do affect marine animals that live there but also, on a long-term, will affect us. It can leads to a lot of incurable diseases.

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In the article Is Your Cell Phone Powered by Child Labor? by Hope King, published by CNN on January 18th of 2016, it is shown that important smart technologies companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung were buying electronic components made from minerals that are the result of child labor in low developed territories.

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It is commonly known that the conditions of education in Quebec have recently been subjected to some changes. Students took to the street to manifest their discontent about their rights. Although they had good reasons to disapprove the government proposition, some countries do have more to complain about. South Africa is a good example of it.

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            Canada may have a very high rate of enrolement for post-secondary education, but it does not erase it’s multiple flaws. The three major flaws that have been increasing noticed among the federal government has been: the accessibility, the quality of education, and financing education in general. An article that was written a while back “Education in Canada: Current Issues” by Helen McKenzie published in May 1994 brought the attention of Canadians to acknowledge that the educational system is better than before, but has a long way to go till it can be percieved as perfect.

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