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Blog Post #1 Do you have an example of ways that you encounter the law on a regular basis? How does the law and/or the legal system structure your life? There are many examples in which I encounter the law on a regular day-to-day basis such as driving, work, being a landlord etc.…. In order to drive, I must abide by the traffic rules and regulations of Ontario. I must wear a seatbelt, pay insurance, renew my drivers licence every five years, drive the speed limit… These are just a few examples to list. As for work, there are many laws I must abide by as I work for the government. Being a letter carrier for Canada post requires knowledge and training regarding the legislations and regulations of the federal postal system called The Canada Post Corporation Act. (Which believe it or not, there’s a lot to know and abide by!). For example, if one were to throw one flyer (ex. Domino’s pizza) into the garbage, it will result in termination with no exceptions as flyers are considered third class federal property. As for rental properties, I as a landlord must abide by the legislations and regulations of renting to tenants. Can you think of a specific encounter with the law or legal system that plays (or played) a significant role in your life? The biggest encounter involving the legal system in my life would probably have to be the process in which I bought my duplex and hired a lawyer to do so. It was a long, stressful (and EXPENSIVE) process but a lawyer must be hired when purchasing a home and property. Another example of a specific encounter with the legal system would be when I hired a lawyer to write my will. Is the law an invisible or visible presence in your daily life? They are both visible and invisible. As we walk out daily routine we are bombarded by signs giving direction (traffic lights, stop or yield signs), or instruction (no smoking, give right of way etc). These are obvious and in plain sight both for our safety and the safety of others. Invisible laws on the other hand can be those we learned either through school or have experienced in our lives. I'm school we are taught basic laws (do not kill, do not commit a crime etc) while in our lives we may be exposed to laws we may not have known or remembered from school (ignorance of the law is no excuse, double jeopardy etc).

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