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Recently a co-worker and I were discussing certain documentaries being aired at a local university, when the topics of controversial subjects come up; one of which was homosexuality. I find it very upsetting that it is considered a controversial subject; what makes them any different than any one else? Do homosexuals not feel? Do they not want the same things others do; love, family, friendships, good jobs, etc? Are they not contributing members of society? Sadly most people don’t see this as being the case.

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            Uproar of powerful emotions from the general public has arisen after the unarmed shooting of Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri.  But this time, feminists have stepped up to the plate on talking about racism.  In the article ‘Feminists Take on Race and Police Conduct Post-Ferguson’ written by Ruth Tam (published in the Washington Post on September 1st), it explains how Caucasian feminists are beginning to realize and acknowledge how much race has an impact on women’s lives.  Before, Caucasian feminists have put an extreme emphasis on gender inequality and income inequality be

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As far as we may have come in equality when it comes to human rights in general, stereotypes are still strong. What a woman’s role, and in turn a man’s role, in day to day life is strongly assumed. A woman is expected to be a mother first and a functioning member of society second. A man is the bread winner. So when men have recently started choosing to stay at home with the children, they, on their end, have become subject to scrutiny in the efficacy of their new roles.

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