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A. Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this analytical paper is the student debt in the United States. It analyses the main causes of student debt and the effects on the students and the population. Also, this paper looks at how the government could intervene to decrease student debt by using other countries as examples.

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A. The topic of this paper is infant mortality rates in Subsaharan Africa. This essay will be analitycal and then, it will analyze the causes of infant mortality rates in different Subsahara's African countries as they have the highest infant mortality rates in the entire world. This essay will also examine how the mortality rate of infants can be reduced in this particular region of the world. 

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Building an Outline   A.     Topic and Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is the Rwanda Genocide. This paper will be analytical. It will look at the genocide and the post-traumatic stress disorder within veteran and Rwandan citizens.   The Rwandan genocide is a social issue because it attacks a particular group systematically. The social ideal is (the extreme inhumanity) and the social reality is the genocide (psychological trauma).  

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