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Euthanasia is now a topic of practically every day conversation.  Belgium has allowed euthanasia since May of 2002, and Canada has been having the conversation about the right to die for months now.  I will be examining a Globe and Mail article discussing about Quebec becoming the first Canadian province to adopt a right to die legislation, a Dan Gardner

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Original title: One Woman Is Helping Children in Shelters Realize Their Dreams with a Camera Lens Author: Alexandra  Zaslow Date of publication: January 11th, 2015  

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When it comes to our children’s health, we do our best to insure their safety and enhance their protection against disease. This includes following a regular vaccine schedule. A growing anti-vaccine movement, however, has health officials worried that the recent measles outbreak can have a catastrophic impact on society. The media coverage surrounding the outbreak has increased in the past few months as journalists try to highlight its significance. This coverage, nonetheless, varies from one source to another and from one location to another.

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An article written by Geoffrey York from the January 30th edition of The Globe and Mail, talked about a decision the Nigerian Government made. They bought illegal arms in order to fight Boko Haram, the leader of a terrorist group. The group goes around the country and terrorizes villages and town. The African country was promised military help, such as weapons and surveillance equipment, by western countries, but they failed to provide any help. “They did not give us anything” (qtd. in York) said Nuhu Ribadu, a government leader. According to Mr.

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