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In this article, the author reveals five underestimated realities about sexual assaults in the military. These five realities can be summarized as men are victims of sexual assaults and the. quantity surpasses women, it is hard to get other people believe in victims’ story, the military system has a bad attitude toward women, victims are afraid to report rape since it can possibly ruin their career and rapists can easily control the mouth of the victims by threatening. 

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Pedophilia is an extremely controversial subject that, still as of today, makes people uneasy and creates trauma among perpetrators of the crime, their victims and the victims’ family. Adults, fearing that this concept might reach their children one way or another, act very aggressively when thinking and talking about perpetrators of such crimes. Three cases were considered as important and were extremely popular in the media.

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The industry of advertisements today is surely questionable: women in ads in particular. This is the commercial for Tom Ford's For Men fragrance back in 2007. Take a look: 

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