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            The article “Charles Barkley: ‘Brainwashed’ blacks hold up success” published on CNN on October 27, 2014, author Breeanna Hare writes about a recent radio interview done by former NBA player Charles Barkley, who is an African-American. In the interview, Barkley talks about another African-American athlete named Russel Wilson who is the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks football team. Barkley talks about the rumors surrounding Wilson that state that some of his teammates dislike him because they feel like he is not “black enough”.

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Some men are racially profiled in mass murders yet we do not see discussions on men being the main issue at hand. As a society we have expectations from men; that they are strong, virile, hyper sexual, stoic and basically anything that can be thought of that goes in the definition of what a man “should be or look like” (the famous “man box”).  Men attempt their best to conform to this social norm, yet many feel as if they have failed at some point in their lives; to reach an outrageous “standard”.

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The women striving for a career in technology are highly disregarded as inferior; than their male peers in the work environment that has a variety of promising careers. We hear of women in politics that are compared to their male co-workers in their respective field. We see and hear the opinion of those women closest to power in documentaries and articles on feminism. What about the rest of women who are just but average in comparison to the Super Women up the ranks. 

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