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I'm Hiro, so please call me Hiropesu!!!!!!!
My really favorite singer is Kanjani Eight.

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In my free time, I sometimes play hunting action video game. It is said as violent video game between Japanese in the public mind. I also think it only has bad effect for the people who play it very seriously. Because I’ve never played it seriously, I take great pride in introducing about my favorite three hunting video games without saying any prejudice.

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     My home town is Amagasaki city. I think Amagasaki city is pretty good, and I have three reasons why I think it.      First reason is Amagasaki city has some big shopping mall. For example Q’s moll which is near this campus, Tukashin which is big shopping mall and Sunsun town which is near the Hankyu Tukaguchi station and so on. Those are very convenient because some of them have Movie Theater, so I can watch the movie as soon as possible!!

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I went to Tsu-tenkaku with Fumiko, MacAuley and Freshmen. It is Sunday Trip. I went to there for the first time, so I was very exciting!! At first, we went to Tsu-tenkaku, and we ate Kushikatsu. It was so delicious for me. after that we entered Tsutenkaku, and then we took many pictures, we bought souvenirs, we checked about Osaka and so on. Then we were talking very much, so we could have a good relationship each other. After that we went to Abe no Harucus. It was very tall, because it is the tallest building in Japan. I was very surprised about it. Finally we went to have a dinner.

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I want to go to The Philippines from this August. I have goals there. That’s why I will tell you about it. First reason is that I want to improve my English abilities. I think I’m not good at listening and speaking English, so I want to improve them. However I think I cannot do that in Japan, because if I’m in Japan, I can speak Japanese, but if I’m in foreign country, I must speak English. That’s why I want to go there. Second reason is that I want to learn about their culture, life style, temper and so on. Originally I didn’t like them, but when I went to Thailand, I was very excited!!!!

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First of all, C. Kennedy is daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Then President Barack Obama decided to promote her for the United States Ambassador to Japan. She was a lawyer and talented lady. In addition, her father is President John F. Kennedy who was really popular in Japan.

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I think that she is very great woman. I don’t know about her, but I’m interested in her because she is very kind. I tell about her. She was born in New York. Her father is John F. Kennedy. He is former American president. Then she lived in white house. She is lawyer. She became an ambassador in 2013. She married with Edwin in 1968. She has been to Japan. Then she didn’t wear a full dress. So she was criticized by many people. I was surprised about it. But I think that she is not bad woman. Also she went to yasukuni shrine in Japan. Then she was disappointed about yasukuni shrine.

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<p align="left">At first, she was born in 1957 and she is lower in the US. In 2008, she helped Obama president, so she became famous.</p><p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In 2011, she came to Tokyo in Japan. A few days later, she went to northeast of Japan in order to visit an area which go to ruin. She sat down to talk with a woman who survived during disaster.

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She is daughter of John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy is very famous president of America. She is American Ambassador to Japan. Moreover she is lower of American. She came to Japan in 2011 which is several days after the Touhoku earth quake. Then, she had a tea time with local woman in Minami Sanriku town. Kennedy did many things in japan. For example, she went to perfume’s concert and, she admired about Asada Mao.

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I'm Hiro, so please call me Hiropesu!!!!!!!
My really favorite singer is Kanjani Eight.

Lets talk with me...

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