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Today I want to talk about deep and serious problem. It is not serious problem only Japan but also the world. Do you know about Fukishima’s situation? Do you understand it? I want a lot of people who live in the world to know and share this present state.

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Halloween and Obon    5142051 Minami Yamamoto   Both Halloween and Obon are very famous event, and there are aspect that looks like a little. But these event has deferent meaning and background. So I would like to compere about it.

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5142010 Marina Ido Summer

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Meika went to Tokyo Disney Resort or summer vacation.She showed Disneyland show once Upon a time. It was very beautiful and met Mickey and Minnie. But she took no picture with Mickey and Minnie. Because there are very famous so, waiting time is very long. She was the best memory Resort. She bought a lot of souvenirs. She likes eating. She likes cakes. She bought a lot of TOKYO bananas, but she did not give hand a souvenir for me.

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