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About me:

my name is Risa Fukui. I live in Kobe/Japan
my birthday is on April 25.
My hobby is listening to music.(Supefly, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift...and so on)


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     What is TPP? The official name is Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. Originally, Singapore, New Zealand, Brunei, and Chili made the Agreement which was called Pacific 4. However, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, and some other countries had taken part in the Agreement one by one, and after that it became TPP. The purpose is to unify the each country’s rules and systems. Next, I would like to tell you about them from now.

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5142043 Risa Fukui        I would like to talk about an architect, Shigeru Ban. Did you know him? I did not know him and I was not interested in architecture. However, I was impressed after I watched his presentation so I would like to tell you about my opinion.  

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        The problems of Refugees 5142043 Risa Fukui  

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The Fukushima disaster   5142043 Risa Fukui        In Japan, many kinds of natural disasters often cause. What happen to Fukushima and people who live in the prefecture some years ago? There are many problems in Fukushima, especially, The Great East Japan Earthquake, water problem and nukes. They have not solved yet, however it is the fact. What do Japanese people think about it? Today, I would like to talk about these serious problems. In addition, I want to look back the terrible happening and consider about it again.

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This article tell me about Leonid meteor. Leonid meteor one of the 12 meteor showers. The Leonids are one of about 12 major meteor showers that happen every year You can watch meteor shower it is 100 an hour. There was the last big Leonid meteor in 200. Leonid meteor is one of the very big meteor. I think that I want to watch Leonid meteor. I am going to watch star in tonight. I can’t watch Orion meteor shower last month. I want to watch next month meteor showers.

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Halloween and Obon are popular festivals. Halloween is held both The United States and Japan, but Obon is held in only Japan. What is the similar and difference points? I would like to explain about Halloween and Obon in detail.

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I want to consider about Global Warming now. Today, it is a very serious problem all over the world. I’m very worried about it. When we become an adult, what condition will the earth will be in? The problems are, for example, the melting of the ice in the Arctic Ocean, the worry about sinking island countries into the ocean, increasing germs and harmful insects from the tropics that cause the disease to human beings and the disturbance of the growth of farm products, the temperature rise of recent years, and the others.

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2020 Olympic decided to hold in Tokyo. I am so glad of the fact. However, I did not think much of it first because I thought that there was a thing which should take first priority. It is the temporary houses. Do you know the difference between the temporary house and the Olympic village? It is very terrible problem. People who are pleased may forget about East Japan Earthquake. The victims still suffer without being able to go their home. On the other hand, the Olympic village is very gorgeous.

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     Japan is falling into a crisis. One of the reasons, the aging population is brought. Do you know the Japanese state? It is very serious for Japanese, especially, young persons. So, I want to introduce about Japan’s aging population. Now, in Japan, there are a lot of old persons. If it becomes more 21% (the persons who be more 65 years old), it is very dangerous. It is very a serious problem. If aging continue all the time, Japanese maybe become extinct. So now, I point out some problems of aging population. First, development of medicine.

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I think playing the game is bad for children. There are many kind of games, for example, education, action, RPG (Roll Playing Game), adventure, simulation, puzzle, table, drive, quiz, shooting, etc. Out of these, I think action game is the worst for children because under the influence of this game, children murdering somebody may happen. Actually, there are a lot of cases in the world. In Japan, 16 years old girl killed her father by the hatchet in September 2007. This case is said that the comics called Higurashi no nakukoroni is influenced.

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Hunger people On this planet, we are suffering without being able to be one person get food to about seven. Hunger problem is a big problem for us to work with the highest priority. When is one of the seven billion people "I" begins, the circle of love is spread, I love to change the world before long. From Japan Food for the Hungry International Organization. I would like to separate four points to write the sentences, therefore I want to be clearly my thoughts.

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About hunger in Africa 5132054 Yuki Matsunami  

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Do you like Japanese artists? For example, Kyari- Pamyu Pamyu, EXILE, AKB48, ARASHI… are very famous Japanese artists in all over the world. Then, I want to introduce about Superfly. Do you know them? They are the music unit of Japan, and are famous and popular. They belongs WARNER MUSIC JAPAN. Genre is Pop Rock, Hard Rock, Blues and Soul Music.      Originally, they are made their debut by Shiho Ochi and Koichi Tabo. However, Tabo retreated front stage to devote work of Composer and Arranger so this unit became solo project of Ochi.

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I think that I want to think about hunger from here on out. At first, I want to review about it. Hunger (starvation) is malnutrition continues by lack of the food, and the state that comes to have difficulty in maintenance of the physical condition. When somebody dies for it, through a state of the malnutrition, someone is said to be death from hunger. In the case of the famine, the whole area becomes the starvation state.

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I just quote the mining of Omi-Shonin from Wikipedia. It said that E-shu merchant (Omi Shonin, Omi merchants) or Omi merchants (Australia saint), negotiations and, (I Gosho), merchant of Omi country, Shiga Prefecture, which was active between (before World War II in particular) Showa era from the Kamakura period mainly. It is one of Japan’s three major merchants, along with Osaka merchant Ise merchant. Sometimes popularly referred to as Omi merchant entrepreneurs Shiga Prefecture today.

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Do you know “Kazuo Inamori”? I think he is one of great person in Japan. He is the president of Kyocera. Actually he worked for many kinds of thing. Today I’d like to write about one of his works.

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Japanese omi merchants is very famous in japan. Because omi merchants is a model of Japanese many company. For example, Takasimaya, Fujisaki, Toyota and so on.

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Do you know about Omi Merchants? At first, I will introduce about it. It is a bit difficult word so I didn’t know this in spite of a Japanese. So I have to study Japanese more. Of course as for English.

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I will introduce about Japanese Castle. There are so many castles in the various parts of japan. For example, this neighborhood, Himeji Castle, Osaka Castle, Amagasaki Castle, Hyogo Castle, Akashi Castle and so on. I have been to Himeji Castle so many times. There is a Ghost story. The woman called “Okiku” was employee. She was approached by Danshirou. But she refused it. Then, Danshirou was angry and he killed her, throw in the well. From then, Sound to ghost of Okiku break the dishes rang in mansion.

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First, I will introduce about Caroline Kennedy. She is United States ambassador to Japan. Her birthday is November 27th in 1957. She is 56 years old. She was born in New York City. Her father was an American President. Her father was assassinated on November 22th in 1963. She graduated from Radcliffe University. After that she acquired her lawyers qualification. In 1986, she married. She became an ambassador formally in 2013.

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   In the high school I attended to, any kinds of electrical devices were banned in the school. Technically speaking, we weren’t allowed to listen to music in the hallways during break, or while eating. Listening to music was not possible at all inside the school. Music has so many advantages on our mind and body, I do not understand why the school would ban music even while we weren’t in classes. I understand that music can distract students while the teacher is teaching and it’s disrespectful, but students should be allowed to listen to music while in breaks or at lunch hours.

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my name is Risa Fukui. I live in Kobe/Japan
my birthday is on April 25.
My hobby is listening to music.(Supefly, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift...and so on)

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