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Nice to meet you, my name is Yuma Tomi. I am 19 years old.
My hobby is to play baseball. I am playing baseball since when I was junior high school student.
My dream is to be English teacher. Therefore, I am studying English very hard now.
I often listen to Avril Lavigne. I can't speak English well.
However, I want to be good English speaker in the future. I try to speak English.


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I would like to about Global Warming. It is the biggest problem in the world. This is because, people in the world have to cooperate with people all over the world in order to solve this problem. If this problem get worth in the future, we don’t live in the earth. This is because, amount of water of the sea increase because of melt ices both of the North and South Pole. Global Worming causes this problem. Global warming can be blamed for striking weather changes across the U.S., according to a 2009 report issued by the U.S. Global Change Research Problem.

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 Hello! I decided to talk about this title, because it is very big problem in the world. However, it is difficult for you to understand, because my grammar and vocabulary is very bad. I had a lot of problems I don’t know how to say. I am sorry.      I would like to talk about aging population. Recently, it is very big problem. If people who are over 65 years old increase in Japan, younger people have to work more and more. In addition, older people cannot get enough an annuity. It makes bad them, because they cannot live from 65 years old.

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I would like to talk about poverty and experience that I did to help them. There are a lot of people and children who are poverty, for example they cannot study and they don’t have enough money and food so on. It is one of the most important problems in the world. In addition, the problem of poverty has lately attracted considerable attention.

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I would like to talk about TOYOTA Motor Corporation that is company of the car. It is very famous company in Japan. It was made by Toyota Sakichi in 1933. He was always thinking that his dream is to develop everything when he was childhood. Therefore, he liked to develop.

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Cool Japan3 At first I give an explanation that I do "Sanpo yoshi” about. One of the family precepts of Omi shonin is known to be that of 'Sanpo yoshi' (benefit for all three sides), which teaches that in their business the merchant should take into consideration the benefits for the customer, society, and the vendor at the same time.

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Omi merchants Omi merchants are said to be a legacy of the present Japanese business. First, I would like to explain what “Omi merchants” are and then research whether their concept can still be found in factories nowadays. In the Kamakura period (13thcenteruy) there were merchants from Omi, first only around 100 villagers, who were selling their goods (for an example mosquito nets or medicines) throughout the country and brought back specialties of the place visited.

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 I would like to talk about my home town which name is Himeji in Hyogo. I want to tell you three things.

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 I get up at 6am every morning. After that, I choose today’s closes and eat the breakfast, and I brush my teeth. I leave my house about at 7am, and I go to station which name is Agaho by my bicycle. It takes about ten minutes by my bicycle from my house to the station. I ride the train which leave the Agaho station at 7:27am. It takes about one hour 20 minute, then I often sleep on the train, because I feel sleepy when I ride on the train. I always arrive the Amagasaki station at 8:47am. After that, I walk from station to school. Finally, I arrive the school at 9:55am.

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     I went to Hushimi temple in Kyoto for Golden week with my friends. There are many foreigners in this place, and they talked about it was cool Japan. We went to this place for the first time. It’s near from the Hushimi station. It takes two minutes from the station on foot. When you want to see it, I recommend you to show the beautiful view. There were a lot of Shinto shrine archway in this place, and most tourists took a picture.

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A kendama is a traditional Japanese toy which consists of three wooden cups of different sizes placed on the center of a wooden spike, with a smaller cup at the spike's base and a ball connected by a string to the center piece. Recently, some foreign young men like playing with Kendama. Therefore it’s getting popular all over the world. When I see this news, I was really happy about this, so I hope Kenndama will be more popular and we have to never forget about it as much as we can. It means that we should protect Japanese traditional thing. Kendama is really fun absolutely.

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I would like to talk about Izakaya. It is very famous in Japan. This is because, we can go every time. In addition, we can stay a long time. It is a restaurant which has alcoholic drinks and food so on. It is very delicious. However, these foods and drinks are expensive. This is because, they use foods and drinks are of good quality. There are a lot of king of restaurants in Japan. For example, we can drink and eat something with standing up. I think the foreigner will be surprised when they look at these restaurants.

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What do I think about Caroline Kennedy?  

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<p align="left">I knew about Caroline Kennedy before I read this column and I could knew more deeply. Caroline Kennedy has become the first female U.S.A ambassador in Japan, so I think the Japanese need to know about her. Then she visited in Minamisanriku because an earthquake occurs at Tohoku. I think it is very important for Japan and America if they keep a good relationship. She did her best to solve a problem that is about Senkaku, but she made a rude when she met Emperor Akihito in Japan. She wore informal dress. It can’t forgive for Japanese people.

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<div id="myEventWatcherDiv" style="display:none;">&nbsp;</div><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is an anbasssoder of U.S.A in Japan.At first,I was surprised that she went to north of Japan to pray for the people who died because of Tsunami caused in 2011. I don’t know why is she chosen as a first woman ambassador of USA in Japan. I want to know the reason why USA chose woman ambassador. When she visited the emperor with casual clothes it cause serious problem in Japan. She didn’t wear the suit.

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She has just came to Japan in Tokyo and as soon as going to disaster area. I think it is important for Japan and the U.S to make a good relation. Caroline who is before President John F Kennedy’s daughter is surviving in his family. Coming in Japan reason why she becomes the first female U.S ambassador in is entrusted by President Obama. She is one of the high level politician in her country, but Obama appoints her for ambassador in Japan. I think he wants to make a strong relationship with Japan and is thinking the future with him. Caroline has a lot of work and global problems.

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Nice to meet you, my name is Yuma Tomi. I am 19 years old.
My hobby is to play baseball. I am playing baseball since when I was junior high school student.
My dream is to be English teacher. Therefore, I am studying English very hard now.

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