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Hi, everyone. I'm from Osaka in Japan. I'm a KUIS student.
I love Pokemon and Hard Rock, so my part time job is kitchen chef of Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka.
You love Hard Rock or Pokemon, would you give me a comment...


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Nintendo is a one of the famous making a game company in the world. The head office is in Kyoto. At the beginning, the company was making a card game. After that the company made ‘super family computer’, ‘game boy’, ‘Nintendo 3DS’ and ‘Wii’. All games were spread in the world, and have a lot of players. Blue Ocean Strategy which the company uses is strategy.

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My home town is Nagai in Osaka city. My home town has a big and one of the famous park, because the park has one of the famous pro soccer team ‘Cerezo Osaka’. The team is stronger and stronger every year. Moreover the team got to super famous player ‘Diego Forlan’ in this season. He got a most variable player of World Cup in South Africa in 2012. In addition the team which we call stronger team than before is great. He naturally joins this world cup. The team has some national team members. For example, Yoichiro Kakitani. He is an attacker who joined national team of Japan since last year.

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Japan has a golden week last Saturday to Tuesday. These days which we call golden week are holiday like thanks giving day. This year’s them have three holidays and a day off. My golden week which I was almost working my part time job of Hard Rock Café. All working day was very busy for this café, because almost people were day off and went to there. My work kind is kitchen staff. I usually make dishes for fries. May 5th is a holiday we call boy’s day. The café open the kid’s party. This event’s main is tournament of Karaoke. Some children are awesome singing.

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A kendama is a traditional Japanese toy which consists of three wooden cups of different sizes placed on the center of a wooden spike, with a smaller cup at the spike's base and a ball connected by a string to the center piece. Recently, some foreign young men like playing with Kendama. Therefore it’s getting popular all over the world. When I see this news, I was really happy about this, so I hope Kenndama will be more popular and we have to never forget about it as much as we can. It means that we should protect Japanese traditional thing. Kendama is really fun absolutely.

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I write about my favorite game. I introduce you it. My favorite games are “Pokemon” series. This first game is selling in 1990s. This game doesn’t sell at ones. After two years this game is selling like hotcakes. After Pokemon series is one of the famous and popular games. New Pokemon series sold like hotcakes. I buy all series and play all series. Now Pokemon has many kinds. There are about 670 kinds of Pokemon now. The newest game has all pokemon date. I try catching all pokemon in the newest game. I make so happy. Now pokemon series users are many in around the world.

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She has just came to Japan in Tokyo and as soon as going to disaster area. I think it is important for Japan and the U.S to make a good relation. Caroline who is before President John F Kennedy’s daughter is surviving in his family. Coming in Japan reason why she becomes the first female U.S ambassador in is entrusted by President Obama. She is one of the high level politician in her country, but Obama appoints her for ambassador in Japan. I think he wants to make a strong relationship with Japan and is thinking the future with him. Caroline has a lot of work and global problems.

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About Caroline Kennedy’s News 5132021 Yuhei Sagawa I think that this first sentence is good, because she and the local people talked about tsunami. The disaster caused terrible happening in Japan. After the talking, I think she was impressed about the happening.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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Hi, everyone. I'm from Osaka in Japan. I'm a KUIS student.
I love Pokemon and Hard Rock, so my part time job is kitchen chef of Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka.
You love Hard Rock or Pokemon, would you give me a comment...

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