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My name is Hirohiko Takeda. Please call me Hikohiko. My hometown is Minoh City in Osaka Prefecture. In Autumn season, a lot of people and tourist visited in Minoh mountain to see a lot of Maple. Minoh mountain's maple is very beautiful every year. And, Yuzu and Hot Spring is very famous in Minoh city for everyone. My favorite food is Noodle(Udon, Soba,Ramen, etc.) . I often watching baseball game on TV. My favorite baseball team is Hanshin Tigers and Chiba Rotte Marines. Nice to meet you!!


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Dangerous of Fukushima (500~600wards) 5142052 Meika Wada        I think Fukushima’s problem is very serious in the world. In March 11th 2011, there is very big earth quick in eastern Japan. It was my graduation ceremony of junior high school so when I went to my home and turned on the TV, I was very surprised because I had never seen very big tsunami such as the Great East Japan Earthquake. This extraordinary accident is bring down a lot of problem, so today I will write about Fukushima’s problem.

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     Do you know the Fukushima nuclear disaster? The accident have happened due to the Grate East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11th in 2011 when I was a third year student in junior high school. This time, I was shocked by this incident, and also Japanese and the whole world people was shocked it. So this problem became the serious problem, and now not only the Japan but also all over the world is influencing it, so I will explain about Fukushima nuclear disaster, and what were the effects to Japan and foreign countries.

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Do you use Social Networking Service? It is to deliver information. It has a lot of users in young age. Also, it is very comfortable because we can get a lot of information from SNS. Then we would use easily if you are older. For example, they often use Twitter, Facebook, LINE and Google+. Recently, however, Japanese often take up problems about Social Networking Service. I will explain detail about it and show you solution I think. Also, I want to know your opinion and understand more deeply about problems.

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Japanese food is one of the most popular food in the world. There are a lots of Japanese food restaurant in the world. Japanese Food is registered cultural of World Heritage (UNESCO). Recently, almost of foreign people are coming in Japan to eat Japanese food and to visit Japanese Shrine or temple or castle and experience or look Japanese Culture and etc. I would like to introduce about ‘why Japanese Food is very popular in the world now’ in this blog writing.

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I want to consider about Global Warming now. Today, it is a very serious problem all over the world. I’m very worried about it. When we become an adult, what condition will the earth will be in? The problems are, for example, the melting of the ice in the Arctic Ocean, the worry about sinking island countries into the ocean, increasing germs and harmful insects from the tropics that cause the disease to human beings and the disturbance of the growth of farm products, the temperature rise of recent years, and the others.

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Many people say ‘Global Warming is advancing rapidly. Global Warming is one of the most critical problems which human beings must tackle urgently for their living. I would like to write problems due to Global Warming and counter actions to tackle the problems.

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I think I would like to introduce about Japan’s Aging Society in this Blog Writing now. Aging Society is one of the biggest problem in Japan now too. So, young people is more and more decreasing now too. If old people is more and more increasing, I think many of old people won’t be able to live in Nursing Home. Because young people is more and more decreasing. In this time, I think I would like to write about the conditions and problems and solutions and etc.

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The society worldwide is ageing, it is estimated that the population will shrink about 31.9 percent in 2060 as the average of the total fertility rate per woman in the developed countries is getting lower. Facing these problems, there are people arguing the positive effects and others the negative ones. In the following, I would like to discuss both opinions in regard to Japan and also what could be done about it.  

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COOL JAPAN   MOTTAINAI is message from Japan to the world  

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What a rare Japanese Fashion!   Many foreign people who are an exchange student usually said “Japanese woman is feminine.” and “Japanese woman care of their appearance.”, so quite few Japanese woman are praised about fashion. Japanese fashion is one of the rare one all over the world. I will introduce about it.  

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I think I would like to introduce about distribution of Soup-run in this writing blog. I participated to experience distribution of Soup-run in Kamagasaki (Ailinchiku), when I was high school student. I think I would like to introduce experienced distribution of Soup-run in this time now.

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I think I would like to introduce about Hankyu Hanshin Holdings in this time’s writing blog. I always using Hankyu Railways train and I sometimes using Hanshin Railways. Of course, Hankyu Railway is belong to Hankyu Holdings and Hanshin Railways is belong to Hanshin Holdings. There are a lot of shops belong to Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group now. For example, Hankyu and Hanshin Department Store and Hankyu Oasis and ASNUS (convenience store) and FREDS (bakery and cafe restaurant) and etc. I often using these stores when I was using (riding) Hankyu Railways train.

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     I would like to tell you about Omi Merchants. Omi Merchants is very famous Japanese company. For example Mitsubishi and so on companies. So I want to tell you about YAMAHA Corporation. This is the famous for music instrument and motor bike and it is aware of the world.

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Do you know Omi merchant? A merchant from Oomi country, Shiga that the merchant from Omi runs mainly in (earlier period of war in particular) from the Kamakura era to Showa era, and was active. It is one of the Japan's three biggest merchants with Osaka merchant, Ise merchant.

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I think I would like to introduce about my hometown in this time. My hometown is Minoh city in Osaka Prefecture. Minoh city is located in north Osaka. Minoh city has a lot of beautiful place and famous place and have the most famous Yuru character and etc. So, a lot of people visit in Minoh city every year. Minoh city called community group “Maple Town”. Why the community group said “Maple Town” in Minoh City? Because, Maple has a national park where people can enjoy beautiful autumn color of maple trees. Its only 30 minutes down town Osaka.

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The tea ceremony is said one of the composite art in Japan .In Japan, it is said that the custom itself which drinks tea was transmitted from China to the Heian period. Japanese tea has roasted green tea, green tea, coarse tea, etc. It is said that there is the history of the tea ceremony from the times of Rikyu Senno. As for the Japanese tea ceremony is considered to be origin in Kyoto. The powder of the powdered green tea to use is made with tea ceremony in Uji city. Uji city is known as a famous town of the tea. I had never been to visit in Uji city.

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Hello everyone, today I will tell you about my daily life. Recently I got a cat in front of my house. When I found the cat, the cat came to me. Wild cat usually run away from person, but the cat did not run away, so I was surprised. Then I held the cat. The cat was very quiet and depended on me. And I came back to my house to hold the cat. Then I washed the cats because the cat was very duty. However, the cat did not become clean. This is because the cat’s pattern was mixed black and brown. I have never seen the pattern such as this cat. I already have three cats.

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 In this time, I think I would like to write about Cool Japan. My choose Cool Japan Topic is “Sushi”. Japanese food is registered world heritage last year. Sushi is registered world heritage too. Japanese Sushi has a long time history between edo century and now. Sushi is one of the most popular food in Japan now. There are some sushi restaurant in the world. A lot of foreign people is eating sushi in Japan too. So now, sushi is popular food in the world. I sometimes eat sushi in sushi restaurant. There are a lot of kinds in Japanese style of sushi.

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Yesterday, Obama president came to Japan in the evening. After coming to Japan, he met Caroline Kennedy and some presidents. He moved to hotel in Tokyo city last night. And, he went to sushi restaurant yesterday night. In front of sushi restaurant, he met Abe president. Abe president heard “Obama president likes sushi”. And, Sushi is one of Cool Japan’s food and registered world heritage. I think Obama feel ‘I’d like to sushi in Japan again’. So, Abe president reserved sushi restaurant. According to BBC’s interview, Mr.

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About Caroline Kennedy’s News 5132021 Yuhei Sagawa I think that this first sentence is good, because she and the local people talked about tsunami. The disaster caused terrible happening in Japan. After the talking, I think she was impressed about the happening.

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Caroline Kennedy is new U.S. ambassador. Her first visit attracted considerable attention. One of the reasons is because she is a daughter of John F. Kennedy. Her first official visit was November 25 2013. Caroline Kennedy visit to the northeast of Japan. Her purpose is to visit the area where she suffered from by a tsunami of 2011. She told that she arrived at the area with the people who survived from a tsunami.

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 I didn’t know Caroline Kennedy is the only living child of former president John F. Kennedy (father) and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (mother). I feel Caroline Kennedy is serious people. I think she was not happy. Because her father was assassinated. And her mother was married with Greek People. The Greek People is not real Caroline Kennedy father. So, she was not happy. When she came to Japan, she paid attention for Japanese people. While she stayed in United States Embassy she talked about U.S. Marine Corps base in Okinawa. When she came to Japan, she said “John F.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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My name is Hirohiko Takeda. Please call me Hikohiko. My hometown is Minoh City in Osaka Prefecture. In Autumn season, a lot of people and tourist visited in Minoh mountain to see a lot of Maple. Minoh mountain's maple is very beautiful every year.

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