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As of today, the amount of Internet users reaches over 3 billions worldwide. There are many reasons that explain that gigantic number. Many people use the Internet to stay in contact with people they know, whereas many others use it for online shopping, entertainment or multiple other purposes. The world contains a great number of online communities. Some of these are clearly exceptional because of the way they use online services. China’s online community is part of these exceptions.

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Thinking about TPP               This “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” will become an important agreement for the countries which will participate. This agreement will decide rules, laws, the taxes and many other things for the countries. But this might be a negative effect against Japan and also for other countries too. Today I want to write about how it will give good and bad effect to Japan and other countries.

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5142043 Risa Fukui        I would like to talk about an architect, Shigeru Ban. Did you know him? I did not know him and I was not interested in architecture. However, I was impressed after I watched his presentation so I would like to tell you about my opinion.  

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The admission of refugees has become a controversial matter all over the world. There are countries which accept many refugees and other that accept only a few. Also I understand that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Then, are there no other ways to help desperate refugees?

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