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I am a student of Kansai University of International Studies.
I,m a ballet dancer. I started ballet when I was 10 years old.
My favorite singer is Mr children.
They play wonderful music. Very good.
For example, "HANABI","Tomrroow never knows","namonakiuta"and"inorti-namidanokidou"
These music are very splendid. These is my favorite band. Look at the videos and enjoy.


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Today, I will write about "Nisshin group" which is successful food company group in Japan and express my opinion by researching about it in detail. Now, "Nisshin" is the one of the biggest food company group in Japan. There are 12 companies in Japan and 5 companies in foreign countries. There are many companies in "Nisshin group", so I would like to focus on "Nisshin Syokuhinn".

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KOZMOZ               There are a lot of hunger peoples over the world. There are 563 million people equivalent to two-thirds of the world starvation population live in Asia and the Pacific region. We have to help them by various way. KOZMOZ is helping them. I want to introduce KOZMOZ.               First, I will write about detail of KOZMOZ. After that, I will write about KOZMOZ’s activities. Next, I will write about hunger. Finally, I will write about my opinion.

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              「Hunger」Katsumi kumabe

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Mameta Toshinori I write about a successful person. A successful person is Mameta Toshinori. Now, he is the owner of a ramen store. A ramen store’s name is “Rairaitei”. I have been to this ramen shop. I felt staffs of this shop are very good. Because they were very speedy and powerful. A ramen taste were good and not expensive.               First, I will write about the owner. Second, I will write about how to he could success. Third, I will write about this ramen store. Final, I write about my opinion.

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「Nintendo」I might use the game of Nintendo and played.There were many reactions in "DS" which Nintendo released in the world. As for the game of Nintendo, I think that a price is a very proper price. Besides, it is only the game that is interesting so as to surpass imagination. It is great, popular Nintendo, but, in fact, Fusa Yamauchi Jiro of the xylograph industrial artist founds "Fusa Yamauchi Jiro store" now in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi in 1889.I named a name Nintendo and began production, the sale of Japanese playing cards.

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Do you know “Omi Merchants”. It was famous merchant in Shiga before war. Their activity is trade where in outside of Omi. Omi Merchants are respects the religion. They made some Moral discipline and Action philosophy. So it is from generation to generation I was told as family precepts each merchant each. Some systems what made by them, change the shape with the times, still there now. Their thought and action philosophy is “Sanpo Yoshi”. “Sanpo Yoshi” has three means.

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My daily life is busy and fun. I have part time every day. I think working is fun, because I can meet a lot of people. It is interesting for me. I can do a lot of things. In addition I go to school. I can meet my friends. We are often chatting. I want to get friends more. Recently we are practicing dance. We will take part in school festival. When I have free time, I read Japanese history books, play games and watch the animation. I really like it. I often think I want to go edo age. I want to meet Japanese samurai. Recently I don’t have sleeping time. I want to sleep.

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I write about my favorite game. I introduce you it. My favorite games are “Pokemon” series. This first game is selling in 1990s. This game doesn’t sell at ones. After two years this game is selling like hotcakes. After Pokemon series is one of the famous and popular games. New Pokemon series sold like hotcakes. I buy all series and play all series. Now Pokemon has many kinds. There are about 670 kinds of Pokemon now. The newest game has all pokemon date. I try catching all pokemon in the newest game. I make so happy. Now pokemon series users are many in around the world.

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For decades there has been rumors that owning a dog or pet has modest heath benefits. With pet ownership on the rise, an experiment was done to answer this controversial topic. They uncovered if pet owners exercised more, slept better, took fewer sick days off of work, and if they were seen less by doctors.

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I am a student of Kansai University of International Studies.
I,m a ballet dancer. I started ballet when I was 10 years old.
My favorite singer is Mr children.
They play wonderful music. Very good.

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