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My birthday: June 25 1992
Blood type: O
Favorite sport: swimming
Favorite food: sweets
Hobby: watching anime
Age: 21 years old
Character: shyness


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We would like to talk to you about a chain of short stories about their distance. Japanese title is秒速5センチメートル. This movie was divided 3 parts. First topic name is “Oukasyou”. Second topic name is “Kosumonauto”. The last one is “秒速5センチメートル” The information I will give you is interesting because this movie is popular for young people.

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Global warming is very serious problem for earth and all over the world people. I think that everyone knows this meaning, but I explain it means the increase in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, that is caused by the increase of particular gases, especially carbon dioxide. Therefore it is serious problem or bad thing. In fact, world temperature is rising gradually. For example, Japanese temperature is higher than last year. The average of temperature in Japan is little high unfortunately.

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 I would like to tell you my opinion about the aging society.  In recent years, old people are increasing in Japan. Of course I think living long life is very important, but there is a lot of problems.

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 I will write it about aging society. What is the aging society? It occurs when the population 65 years or older increases in d society and it becomes a large part of the total population. Declining birthrate often promotes further increases in the aging society’s rise. Declining birthrate and aging are not necessarily progressing at the same time and rate, but seem to be strongly related. Generally, the aging societies are classified as follows. “In the aging society, an aging rate is 7% -14%. Aged society is 14% -21%. The super aged society is more than 21%.

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Have you ever seen a drama where you see your favorite artist’s live concert and they are acting?  I introduce about my favorite Japanese singer. My favorite singer is “AAA”. (Triple A) Their real name of group is “Attack All Around”. They are very famous for being a musical group which is dancing and singing. They signed to the label Avex Trax which debuted in September 2005. The name has the meaning of challenging everything, and the group is marketed by their label as a "super performance unit".

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Topic is “Japanese four major car manufactures”. Japanese four major car manufactures is very splendid. I write “which is the best?”

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    I write it about world hunger. Hunger is speech to express the social situation of the person who lives for fear of it that experiences physical sense of hunger frequently. The malnutrition is the situation caused by inappropriate meal and nourishment. The famine is the extensive famine that may fulfill every fauna. This is accompanied by malnutrition, starvation, an epidemic, the increase in death rate. The hunger is a physical fatigue state due to a famine. This is in near death.

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 I introduce about “Kozmoz”. Kozmoz is a name of volunteer activity.

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Huzita Den is a great entrepreneur in Japan. He was born in March 13 in 1926 at Osaka Prefecture. He set up two famous businesses whose name is Macdonald and Toysrus. Probably most people know this name. Macdonald is a very famous food shop and Toysrus is a big toys shop. His name’s origin is Christian’s cross. He graduated from the law department of Tokyo University in1951 and became the president of company after a few years ago. In 1971, he established the biggest American Macdonald and Japanese Macdonald company in Japan.

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I introduce about “Sanpo-yoshi” Sanpo-yosi is a system for everybody to be satisfied. The contents of Sanpo-yosi do not do business only for the sake of a seller's convenience, but a buyer satisfies them from the bottom of the heart, and also they contribute to development of a community, or improvement of welfare through trade. I will explain using the example of a company of a certain Japan. The name of the company is UNIQLO. UNIQLO has achieved global expansion now. I will explain the history of the UNIQLO.

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     I introduce Omi merchants and Sanpo-yoshi. Omi merchants is a merchant from Omi country, Shiga that was active from the Kamakura era through the Showa era mainly. It is one of the Japan’s three biggest merchants. It was active at the start around a small area. Then it let the all over Japan gradually escalate an activity area and business, and the person who performed trading ship authorized by the shogunate-licensed trading appeared among them. There are many things which pull the genealogy of Omi merchants in today’s big company.

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I live in Kobe city now. Speaking of Kobe, it is said to be famous for fashion. Actually, Kobe people care about it. Although I am different, Kobe people have good sense. Young people often go shopping at Sannomiya in Kobe. I think that this place is the most popular in this city. I sometimes go there and enjoy shopping.  

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 I get up at 6am every morning. After that, I choose today’s closes and eat the breakfast, and I brush my teeth. I leave my house about at 7am, and I go to station which name is Agaho by my bicycle. It takes about ten minutes by my bicycle from my house to the station. I ride the train which leave the Agaho station at 7:27am. It takes about one hour 20 minute, then I often sleep on the train, because I feel sleepy when I ride on the train. I always arrive the Amagasaki station at 8:47am. After that, I walk from station to school. Finally, I arrive the school at 9:55am.

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Last week, I went to theater in Q’s mall in Amagasaki city during empty class. My friend and I were free, so he suggested that go there to enjoy. The movie name that I watched is Detective Conan. I like it. This is one of my favorite anime in my hobby. The movie series are showed about in April 20. I am always looking forward to watching them. Recently I wanted to work out, because I have a lot of stress in my body and mind. I thought that if I watched the movie, I could refresh. In fact, the interesting movie refreshed me. I was helped by my friend’s suggestion.

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<p>Ryoanji is favorite temple in Kyoto. Many foreigners visit there and see the stone garden whose name is The Rock Garden. This simple and remarkable garden measures only 25 meters and from east to west and 10 meters from south to north. There are 15 stones in the garden, but we can see only 14 stones. This is a mysterious place. It changes by angle. At first, I have been there and seen it since I was a child. However I am not interested in it. I was boring. In fact, some people feel are boring like me. A few weeks ago, I have been there again with my friends.

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 I read this text and I would like to write about my thoughts. At first, main key person in this story is Caroline Kennedy. She has the family that is so famous in US, and her father was president. Even though she has been grown up in such around, one day, her step was in Japan where were devastated by 2011 tunami. On the basis, she felt from the disaster victims, she was someone could become a bridge between foreign. I felt I also have to do something between foreigners. If it were not big or very wealth thing and so on, I want to get someone’s smile.

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What do I think about Caroline Kennedy?  

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About Caroline Kennedy’s News 5132021 Yuhei Sagawa I think that this first sentence is good, because she and the local people talked about tsunami. The disaster caused terrible happening in Japan. After the talking, I think she was impressed about the happening.

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About Caroline Kennedy’s News 5132021 Yuhei Sagawa I think that this first sentence is good, because she and the local people talked about tsunami. The disaster caused terrible happening in Japan. After the talking, I think she was impressed about the happening.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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My birthday: June 25 1992
Blood type: O
Favorite sport: swimming
Favorite food: sweets
Hobby: watching anime
Age: 21 years old
Character: shyness

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