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About me:

My name is Koki. Please call me Koki.
I'm from Kobe, Hyogo. I live there.
My birthday is January 23. My blood type is A. I have a faithful heart:)
My favorite word is "Where there's a will, there's a way ". This word is my motto.
I like to sing songs. I often go to karaoki. I like rock, J-pop and so on.
My favorite artist is UVERworld. I respect TAKUYA∞ Who is the vocalist of UVERworld.
He said "If you speak of your heart, your words will show your way". I like thease words. I never foget them .
I want to become a cool person to like him.
My dream is to be a junior high school English teacher. I like it but I'm not good at speaking, listening and writing. So I study hard.
I played baseball for seven years. I like to watch baseball games but I don't like to play, because I'm not good at playing. My favorite team is Hanshin Tigers. I like Toritani. He is very cool.
I also want to become like him.


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Is TPP good for Japan?                 Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, which is called “TPP”, was started among Singapore, Brunei, Chile and New Zealand in 2006. Japan has participated in it since 2013, and now 11 countries has taken part in it. To be honest, I do not know anything at all about TPP. Is it good for Japan? Does we have merit points? I want to know the answer so that I will research its merit and demerit points. Then I would like to write my opinion about them.  

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Trading across the world has shown to be helpful and unhelpful in multiple ways throughout history, trading provokes innovation and peace deals between countries and nations. As well as ensuring that countries gain resources that they cannot easily produce on their own. The downside of trading is the loss of jobs in countries, since importing and exporting certain materials can make a job held by someone obsolete, due to the cheap and more efficient use of importing and exporting materials and resources.

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            These days, there is a problem related to refugees in Europe. Perhaps you have watched the news about the Syrian refugees. According to Amnesty International’s report, the number of refugees is more than 4 million. This is a serious problem, so maybe it will have some kinds of influences all over the world. Which country accepts the refugees? Does Japan do that? I am not sure these questions of facts now, so I will search about something related to refugees.

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     There are many kind of music in Japan, for example, J-POP, Rock, Enka; a traditional-style Japanese popular song, Idol and so on. Enka has long history, so Japanese like it very much and especially old people like it. Recently, Idol song is very popular among every generation and other countries people. Nowadays, Idol song is the genre that Japan can be proud of, so I think that it is Cool Japan. Today, I am going to introduce Japanese Idol groups because they are representative of the Japanese music. The first is about Japanese Idol groups.

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Japanese Good Movies      Do you like movie? I think that there is not the person disliking movie. There are kind of interesting movie. For example, action, anime, horror and so on. Anime is Japanese popular culture. There are great animation movie producer in Japan. Japanese some movie is made from comic, so now, I am going to talk about Japanese animation movie, Japanese live-action film, and Japanese horror movie.

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     This time, I am going to introduce about Halloween and Obon, different points and similar points between them. The first is what Halloween and Obon are. The second is their different points. The third is their similar points. Then I will write my opinion in conclusion.

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What is global warming? “Infrared rays emitted in the atmosphere from the surface of the earth which warmed by light of the sun are absorbed to greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide on the way. At that time, thermal energy to appear warms the surface of the earth”. Came to use the fossil fuel in large quantities, and the density of greenhouse gas increased. For example, car, electricity and oil.

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Now, Japan has a various problems. Government bonds, relations in Korea of China and aging. Recently, I often see problem of aging and low birthrate on the TV news. When I saw this news, I always think that the TV program reports it again. I could not understand about it and I saw it like the other people's affairs. But I read CNN’s article and New Scientist’ article. I felt this problem is important for our life in the future. My idea changed by these articles.

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 I will write it about aging society. What is the aging society? It occurs when the population 65 years or older increases in d society and it becomes a large part of the total population. Declining birthrate often promotes further increases in the aging society’s rise. Declining birthrate and aging are not necessarily progressing at the same time and rate, but seem to be strongly related. Generally, the aging societies are classified as follows. “In the aging society, an aging rate is 7% -14%. Aged society is 14% -21%. The super aged society is more than 21%.

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Topic is “Japanese four major car manufactures”. Japanese four major car manufactures is very splendid. I write “which is the best?”

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    I write it about world hunger. Hunger is speech to express the social situation of the person who lives for fear of it that experiences physical sense of hunger frequently. The malnutrition is the situation caused by inappropriate meal and nourishment. The famine is the extensive famine that may fulfill every fauna. This is accompanied by malnutrition, starvation, an epidemic, the increase in death rate. The hunger is a physical fatigue state due to a famine. This is in near death.

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     I introduce Omi merchants and Sanpo-yoshi. Omi merchants is a merchant from Omi country, Shiga that was active from the Kamakura era through the Showa era mainly. It is one of the Japan’s three biggest merchants. It was active at the start around a small area. Then it let the all over Japan gradually escalate an activity area and business, and the person who performed trading ship authorized by the shogunate-licensed trading appeared among them. There are many things which pull the genealogy of Omi merchants in today’s big company.

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Omi merchants Omi merchants are said to be a legacy of the present Japanese business. First, I would like to explain what “Omi merchants” are and then research whether their concept can still be found in factories nowadays. In the Kamakura period (13thcenteruy) there were merchants from Omi, first only around 100 villagers, who were selling their goods (for an example mosquito nets or medicines) throughout the country and brought back specialties of the place visited.

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I have watched Caroline Kennedy on TV. When she visited Japan, Japan was excited. She is very attractive and beautiful. I think Caroline Kennedy is a very splendid and a hard worker. She went to Minamisanriku as the American Ambassador to Japan. Then she communicated with old people and children there. She knew the present conditions of Japan and she has a will to work for Japan. I expect that she will solve the problem between Japan and the United States. I hope that Japan gets along with America more.

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Ryozo Kato served as the Japanese Ambassador to the US from 2001 through 2008 as his term of office. Later he served as the professional baseball commissioner from 2008 through 2013. There was a problem due to the fact that his commission did not announce the specifications change of the general ball on June 12th, 2003. This was his blunder. He had to retire. I do not like him because he troubled the baseball world. I cannot permit this as a baseball fan.

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My name is Koki. Please call me Koki.
I'm from Kobe, Hyogo. I live there.
My birthday is January 23. My blood type is A. I have a faithful heart:)
My favorite word is "Where there's a will, there's a way ". This word is my motto.

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