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Hello, I'm Chiho.
I study at Kansai University of International Studies.
My hobby is reading comics, especially I like "The basketball whichi Kuroko plays", "The prince of tennis" and "cool-headed Hozuki"
I like English, but I'm poor at speaking English.
Nice to meet you ^^♪


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I would write about Japanese Animation that is a one of cool Japan, especially my favorite four Japanese Animations.: “The basketball which Kuroko plays”, “The prince of tennis”, “Pedal of weakling” and “Free!” These Animation’s subject matter is “sports oriented club activities in high school”.

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The atmosphere, such as nitrogen and oxygen surround the earth’s surface. The sun beam reach to the earth, and bound to space. A sudden change of the bounce’s temperature is relieved by the atmosphere. There is little carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s 0.03 percent, but it has important role. The carbon dioxide absorbs heat that was emission from the surface of the earth, and radiations to the surface of the earth again. This action keep the average of temperature stands at 14℃. It’s is called “greenhouse gas”.

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Japan has a serious problem about population. I refer to some websites, such as “Cable News Network”, “Wall Street Journal”, “New Scientist” and so on to write about this problem. Japan is the highest aging society in the world in the three respects, the average life expectancy, the number of person of advanced age and speed of aging. Ministry of Public Management announced that the number of over sixty five years old Japanese is three thousand one hundred 68 ten thousand. The number accounts for a fourth of gross Japanese population, and hits a new high.

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I have never thought about starve until I log on a website “Kozmoz International”. Therefore I didn’t know the activity such “Kansai Food Bank”. I researched the starve problem, then the serious problem was a terrible shock for me. I would write about starve problem, I referred to some websites such “Hunger Zero powered by Japan International Food for the Hungry”, “Food First powered by Institute for Food and Development Policy”, “World Food Programme” and so on. The biggest number of the cause of death all over the world is hunger in fact. I didn’t know the truth.

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Sanrio is one of Japanese famous company. The company’s product are social communication gift goods, greeting card, publish matter, administration of restaurant, manufacture of movie and video software, live entertainment, permission to use copyright and theme park. The name of this company “Sanrio” originates from Spanish “San Rio”. In Spanish, “San” means “a person that the Christian Church recognizes as being very holy, because of the way they have lives or died” and “Rio” means “a natural flow of water that continues in a long line across land to the sea”.

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My hometown is Konan Yamate. Konan Yamate belong to Higasinada-ku, Kobe-shi. Konan Yamate is a one of residential district and the town doesn’t have characteristic, so to be honest, to write about my home town at least three hundreds words is not easy for me. By the way, actually, Konan Yamate has to do with some famous people. For example, Yuko Asano who is an actress and singer, and Yoshinori Monta who is actor, vocalist and singer song writer come from Konan Yamate. Recently, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi who was baseball player commute to a gym near Konan yamate station.

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I took part in voluntary activities of Kid’s Supporters. The abbreviation for “Kid’s Supporters” is KS, and Kid’s Supporters helps the show of The Young Americans. The YA is the abbreviation of “The Young Americans”, this is a nonprofit organization for telling wonderful young people power to society through music. The Young Americans was founded over 50 years ago in Hollywood. The member of The Young Americans are never paid as performers for the organization. As such, their participation is intended to be educational and this is not business.

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Hatsune Miku is a software of vocal composition by Yamaha. The software is called “Vocaloid”, so everyone can compose with Vocaloid. That is to say, everyone who have Vocaloid can make song without singer. Almost Vocaloid user contribute music to Niconico animated web site. Vocaloid has a lot of kinds of virtual singer. For example, Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Kaito, Meiko, Luka Megurine and so on. Setting vary all the way from about ten years old to about fifty years old. Vocaloid celebrated 10th anniversary. This is a so popular in the world.

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I'm going to talk about Caroline Kennedy. Her real name is Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. She is from New York in U.S. She is one of the famous lawyers all over the world. However, she helps Japan actively like her father. Her father is a president who a lot of people know. She has liked Japan when she was a child. That's why she was impressed with actions of Japanese people when some country destroyed by the disaster. So when Japan was frecentry visited by tidal waves, she was the first to arrive on the scene.

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 I didn’t know Caroline Kennedy is the only living child of former president John F. Kennedy (father) and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (mother). I feel Caroline Kennedy is serious people. I think she was not happy. Because her father was assassinated. And her mother was married with Greek People. The Greek People is not real Caroline Kennedy father. So, she was not happy. When she came to Japan, she paid attention for Japanese people. While she stayed in United States Embassy she talked about U.S. Marine Corps base in Okinawa. When she came to Japan, she said “John F.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is the lawyer in America and the first female who is U.S. ambassador in Japan. In 2013, American government recommended Kennedy for U.S. ambassador in Japan, then the White House decided to appoint Kennedy to be U.S. ambassador in Japan on July 24th. Japanese upper chamber recognize it on October 16th and she promised to be it at the State Department on November 12th. Shortly after that, she visited to the northeastern region to Honshu to see disaster area.

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Hello, I'm Chiho.
I study at Kansai University of International Studies.
My hobby is reading comics, especially I like "The basketball whichi Kuroko plays", "The prince of tennis" and "cool-headed Hozuki"
I like English, but I'm poor at speaking English.

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