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Recently, there are lots of accidents and issues which are related to illegal drugs around the world. Also, many people criticize drug addiction. Despite illegal drugs, some people use them. Why do people look for them? Especially, many actors in Japan tend to use them in order to get rid of lots of stress from work and feel healing their body. They are addicted to them. Some young people tend to use the drugs too. There are lots of reasons, for example, they want to use them simply for entertainment or in order to relieve the pressure they feel from their parents or friends and so on.

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As of today, the amount of Internet users reaches over 3 billions worldwide. There are many reasons that explain that gigantic number. Many people use the Internet to stay in contact with people they know, whereas many others use it for online shopping, entertainment or multiple other purposes. The world contains a great number of online communities. Some of these are clearly exceptional because of the way they use online services. China’s online community is part of these exceptions.

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There are a lot of eye-catching buildings in Japan, for example, universal studio Japan in Osaka and Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Kinkakuji in Kyoto and so on. I chose Osaka Kaiyukan. It is one of the biggest aquariums in Japan. Therefore, it is a famous place in Japan. Why is this aquarium becoming popular?

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To begin, many wars have been declared in different countries. Many people die everyday. Our planet is not a safe place anymore. Moreover, we often here the media talking about the end of the world. Each one of us is responsible for destroying our nature. There are too many cars which cause bad smoke slowly killing our atmosphere. To many trees cut down, so less and less oxygen left for humans. The world is sick. To continue, people in the under-developed countries are starving. They do not have enough money to live a better life.

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     What is TPP? The official name is Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement. Originally, Singapore, New Zealand, Brunei, and Chili made the Agreement which was called Pacific 4. However, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, and some other countries had taken part in the Agreement one by one, and after that it became TPP. The purpose is to unify the each country’s rules and systems. Next, I would like to tell you about them from now.

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