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I write the article of this week about a theme park. The theme park which I recommend is Universal Studios Japan. I think that Universal Studios Japan is the theme park which is the most interesting in Japan. The variations such as the goods of a parade and the character have abundant Universal Studios Japan as well as a vehicle. The vehicle which I like most in Universal Studios Japan is Jurassic Park. I do not play in Universal Studios Japan for one year. However, I go to Universal Studios Japan by work several times.

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     I write it as a Japanese animated cartoon about a TV program this time. The symbol of the Japanese TV program is an animated cartoon. The animated cartoon which I like most in that is major. The measure is an animated cartoon of the baseball. As for the flow of the story, a chief character is a son of father of the professional baseball player. A chief character liked father very much and came to like the baseball, too. A big game major leaguer visited Japan to a certain age in Japan across the sea. Father of the chief character hit a home run from the man.

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This article written about happening accident. Mine accident happened in New Zealand.Mine is very dangerous, so they should make a new law to prevent mine accident.This company`s boss was punished. I don`t like this article, because this article is written about dangerous accident.Solid energy is very dangerous, so should be careful.This accident stop to make a new law.It is very important for them to prevent an accident.This failure change for success.

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     This article written about anime-manga. Kyoto manga-anime is largest in Kansai. This fair comes foreign countries. This fair come about 40,000 peoples. This fair is evolution now.      I like this article, because this article is written about anime and business. I like money, so I am interested in business. I think fair can show of  the company`s strong point.

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Meika went to Tokyo Disney Resort or summer vacation.She showed Disneyland show once Upon a time. It was very beautiful and met Mickey and Minnie. But she took no picture with Mickey and Minnie. Because there are very famous so, waiting time is very long. She was the best memory Resort. She bought a lot of souvenirs. She likes eating. She likes cakes. She bought a lot of TOKYO bananas, but she did not give hand a souvenir for me.

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