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Smoking has been one of the big social problems. It is said smoking is bad for the health because it causes some diseases. According to WHO, over 1.1 billion people in the world smoked tobaccos in 2015, and smoking in public places is regulated recent year. In my opinion, regulation of smoking in public places is a desirable idea because I think that smoking makes many people unpleasant. So, I will tell you why smoking in public places is not good.

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In Japan, the Japanese government recommends and promotes old people who are over 65 years old to return their driver’s license to prevent and decrease traffic accidents, I think that the recommendation is an effective action. Recently, some Japanese old people had traffic accidents, because of their poor driving ability. They have lost their physical ability. Such as decreased vision, impaired hearing, and slowed motor reflexes. So today, I will introduce a demerit and merits of returning old people’s driver’s license.

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           In the early year of 1986, Chernobyl plant located in Ukraine exploded. The nuclear power plant was built near the city of Pripyat which caused many dead lives. Moreover, the men working in the plant died immediately after the accident. Nowadays, people intoxicated by the tragedy are suffering from thyroid cancer. However, the Chernobyl plant is now open to the world and is a beautiful place to visit. The Chernobyl plant have causes serious damages in Ukraine.

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Why does media exist? Are they about information, or about sensation? A pit bull killed a woman during the last summer. Media such as T.V.A or L.C.N took that non-important news and took it to the front page; it created fear in the population. The government even had the idea of a law that would oblige the pit bull owner to let professionals kill their dogs. That example is one of many others. The real issue is that sensationalism in media can lead to disinformation.

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There are a lot of “eye-catching buildings” in Japan. For example, castles, temples, shrines, high towers, modern buildings and other traditional buildings. Today, I would like to introduce an eye-catching “bridge”. If you see the bridge, you may feel excited. “The great Seto Ohashi Bridge” is the eye-catching bridge in Japan. Most of you may not know about the bridge, so I’ll explain the basic information of the bridge, the history, and how to enjoy it.

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Is TPP good for Japan?                 Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, which is called “TPP”, was started among Singapore, Brunei, Chile and New Zealand in 2006. Japan has participated in it since 2013, and now 11 countries has taken part in it. To be honest, I do not know anything at all about TPP. Is it good for Japan? Does we have merit points? I want to know the answer so that I will research its merit and demerit points. Then I would like to write my opinion about them.  

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Have you ever experienced big earthquake? I have never experienced it. In the future, very big earthquake may be happen in Tokyo. If the big earthquake happen, Japan would have a lot of trouble. I think most Japanese people forget about the very big earthquake which was happen in Tohoku area recently. Today, I would like to think about a big earthquake which was happen in Japan, and the current Tohoku area’s situation. After that, I am going to tell you about my opinion for the problem.

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Do you know about the Great East Japan Earthquake that happened in Tohoku area in Japan? Today, I would like to tell you about the earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power station. At the beginning, I will explain about the Great East Japan Earthquake, next I will tell you about an article of Fukushima nuclear power station, and lastly actual condition of the power station. I want you to think about after the earthquake with my writing.

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