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Have you ever experienced big earthquake? I have never experienced it. In the future, very big earthquake may be happen in Tokyo. If the big earthquake happen, Japan would have a lot of trouble. I think most Japanese people forget about the very big earthquake which was happen in Tohoku area recently. Today, I would like to think about a big earthquake which was happen in Japan, and the current Tohoku area’s situation. After that, I am going to tell you about my opinion for the problem.

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Hello, today I would like to tell about Fukushima nu-clear disaster problems. It has been about four years, the big earthquake happened in Japan and the accident happened in Fukushima Daiichi Nu-clear Power Station. It happened on March 11, 2011, when I graduated my junior high school so I was very surprised when I came back home from my ceremony and turn on TV. I remember the day and the big accident in East Japan area.

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