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About me:

I was born to Hiroshima in Japan.
I'm 19 years old.
I like eating rice.
My favorite season is summer, because I go to weak board in summer.
I can enjoy my life.
I want to go to Hawaii.
Hawaii's view is very beautiful.
I like music, especially I like singing. I often go to Karaoke.
Nice to meet you.


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I talk about martial arts. Martial arts are very famous in the world. Many people do martial arts. Martial arts have various kinds. It is different in each country. I think that all martial arts are important, because martial arts can build up our body. Many people will not know about material arts, but I think that we can enjoy material arts. People think that material arts are very dangerous. However martial arts can protect you, so it is very popular for woman. If people were attacked by someone, they can evade someone. I talk about 3 sentences. First I talk about what are martial arts.

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What is global warming? “Infrared rays emitted in the atmosphere from the surface of the earth which warmed by light of the sun are absorbed to greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide on the way. At that time, thermal energy to appear warms the surface of the earth”. Came to use the fossil fuel in large quantities, and the density of greenhouse gas increased. For example, car, electricity and oil.

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Now, Japan has a various problems. Government bonds, relations in Korea of China and aging. Recently, I often see problem of aging and low birthrate on the TV news. When I saw this news, I always think that the TV program reports it again. I could not understand about it and I saw it like the other people's affairs. But I read CNN’s article and New Scientist’ article. I felt this problem is important for our life in the future. My idea changed by these articles.

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I talk about global warming. Global warming is very famous problem in the world. There are many influences, so we try to solve global warming’s problems. I think that global warming is difficult things, because we take many times to solve global warming, but people can’t improve about global warming. We should think about global warming more deeply. I talk about three things. Firstly I talk about global warming’s the present circumstance. Secondly I talk about problems due to global warming. Thirdly I talk about solution. Finally I talk about my opinion.

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Recently there are many problems in Japan. We should solve little by little. Especially I talk about Japanese population. Japanese population is very famous problems, because this problem is difficult things. Japanese population decreases more and more, also there are many aging people in Japan. Why aging society develop now? So I talk about this problem, and I think about solution. Then what should Japan do from now on.

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 I will write it about aging society. What is the aging society? It occurs when the population 65 years or older increases in d society and it becomes a large part of the total population. Declining birthrate often promotes further increases in the aging society’s rise. Declining birthrate and aging are not necessarily progressing at the same time and rate, but seem to be strongly related. Generally, the aging societies are classified as follows. “In the aging society, an aging rate is 7% -14%. Aged society is 14% -21%. The super aged society is more than 21%.

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I talk about Cambodia’s poverty in Africa. Cambodia is not rich country, so there are many problems. Cambodian children are very poor, because they don’t have money and they can’t go to school.

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Have you ever thought about hunger.  I've never thought too deeply. So I think that I want to think about hunger now.

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I talk about APA hotel’s president. The president is a woman. Her name is Motoya Fumiko. She is very famous in Japan. She made a hotel in the whole country. I talk about she is how to success in the hotel’s industry. Firstly I talk about her profile. She was born to Fukui prefecture. After she graduated high school, she worked a bank. His husband stood up business. Then she served director. Her house was broken by earthquake in 1948. Then she saved her life She had her goal, because it is very important things. If someone had each goal, someone can find how to achievement.

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Japanese omi merchants is very famous in japan. Because omi merchants is a model of Japanese many company. For example, Takasimaya, Fujisaki, Toyota and so on.

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The Omi merchants   The Omi merchants give a variety of effects on the modern enterprise.The Omi merchants became famous throughout Japan, and very rich too, through their base in jute and other commercial crops. Although the centers of commercial activities were located in the towns and large cities which grew up in the Edo period, the old province of Omi, the area south and east of Lake Biwa, played a large role. Merchants from rural areas like Omi came to fill a very important place in the commercial development of Edo period Japan.

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       I would like to introduce about my hometown. My hometown is Amagasaki in Hyogo. It locates to the east of the Hyogo, and there was a castle in Amagasaki a long time ago. Most of Amagasaki people who says “Ama”. When I talk to someone about Amagasaki, some people who asking me. Where is it locates? Is it Osaka? They say like that. I say it’s nearly answer, however, it is not correct. Amagasaki is near from Osaka station. It takes approximately 10 minutes from the station.

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I talk about my hometown. My hometown is Hiroshima city in Hiroshima prefecture. I think that my hometown is very nice places because I lived in Hiroshima for 18 years. There are many good places, I want to introduce about various things. Especially I introduce three topics. Firstly I talk about good places and beautiful places. Secondly I talk about delicious foods. Finally I talk about conclusion.

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I want to go to The Philippines from this August. I have goals there. That’s why I will tell you about it. First reason is that I want to improve my English abilities. I think I’m not good at listening and speaking English, so I want to improve them. However I think I cannot do that in Japan, because if I’m in Japan, I can speak Japanese, but if I’m in foreign country, I must speak English. That’s why I want to go there. Second reason is that I want to learn about their culture, life style, temper and so on. Originally I didn’t like them, but when I went to Thailand, I was very excited!!!!

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I talk about history of TOYOTA. TOYOTA is the most popular in Japan. It is the number one company in Japan. TOYOTA is very big company in Japan, and there are many good cars in the world, so TOYOTA is very famous company. My father rides on TOYOTA’s car. Many people use TOYOTA’s cars.  Why TOYOTA very popular? So I introduce about history of TOYOTA.

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I talk about my daily life. My daily life is very simple, but recently I became a busy, because I started a part – time job. At first I get up at 7:30 or 8:30am. I live in near Hanshin Amagasaki station, so when I go to university, I use my bicycle. It is very fast. If it is rainy, I sometimes go to University by bus, but it is very rare. Next I always eat breakfast. My grandmother cooks my breakfast. I like her. I always go to University, but holiday, I hang out with my friends or girlfriend. I drive sometimes.

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<p align="left">At first, she was born in 1957 and she is lower in the US. In 2008, she helped Obama president, so she became famous.</p><p align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In 2011, she came to Tokyo in Japan. A few days later, she went to northeast of Japan in order to visit an area which go to ruin. She sat down to talk with a woman who survived during disaster.

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I think that she is very great woman. I don’t know about her, but I’m interested in her because she is very kind. I tell about her. She was born in New York. Her father is John F. Kennedy. He is former American president. Then she lived in white house. She is lawyer. She became an ambassador in 2013. She married with Edwin in 1968. She has been to Japan. Then she didn’t wear a full dress. So she was criticized by many people. I was surprised about it. But I think that she is not bad woman. Also she went to yasukuni shrine in Japan. Then she was disappointed about yasukuni shrine.

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She is daughter of John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy is very famous president of America. She is American Ambassador to Japan. Moreover she is lower of American. She came to Japan in 2011 which is several days after the Touhoku earth quake. Then, she had a tea time with local woman in Minami Sanriku town. Kennedy did many things in japan. For example, she went to perfume’s concert and, she admired about Asada Mao.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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I was born to Hiroshima in Japan.
I'm 19 years old.
I like eating rice.
My favorite season is summer, because I go to weak board in summer.
I can enjoy my life.
I want to go to Hawaii.
Hawaii's view is very beautiful.

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