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About me:

I live in Kobe in Hyogo in Japan. Kobe is famous for Kobe-Beef.
I'm a student at Kansai University of International Studies.
My hobby is to play video games.
The game that I'm playing now is Little Big Planet.
I like to listen to music but I'm not into certain group.My favorite music for now is Maroon5.


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Thinking about TPP               This “Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement” will become an important agreement for the countries which will participate. This agreement will decide rules, laws, the taxes and many other things for the countries. But this might be a negative effect against Japan and also for other countries too. Today I want to write about how it will give good and bad effect to Japan and other countries.

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              Japan is a country that only accepts few people in a year as a refugee. But think about it. Why can every country accept a million of people by not knowing about them? Also on the premise, Japan was a closed society for over two hundred years, and Japan has raised a society that could move the economy with no help by other countries. From this you can know Japan’s characteristics are more like a village society than a multiethnic society. It’s more natural and easy to be stable in this way. Although to help other countries that need help is necessary in this current world.

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When the earthquake happened nobody could imagine about such an awful disaster that would happen after it. There was a nuclear power plant in Fukushima when the earthquake has hit the Tohoku area. Because of the earthquake this plant was damaged and many thing happened. I’ll explain what happened by the earthquake, and what were the impacts to Japan and foreign countries.

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Nowadays many people listen to music all over the world. That’s because people enjoy to listen to music in several ways. There are many genres, singers and types. In this article I want to explain what music is and why people like music.

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Today, I will talk about Japanese movie and anime. I like Japanese anime. My favorite Japanese anime is One Piece. I like One Piece very much. What do you like Japanese anime and Japanese movie? Do you know Hayao Miyazaki? Hayao Miyazaki is the most famous anime director in Japan. So now, I explanation of the Japanese movie director’s Hayao Miyazaki and Japanese anime’ One Piece.

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Japanese TV Show and Movie

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Comparing Halloween and Obon 5142005 Yohei Azuma      In Japan, many different cultures exist. In autumn, we welcome our ancestors in obon and after that we have fun in Halloween. We don’t have many knowledge about these events but we do it every year, so today I will explain the differences and the similarities of these two events.

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Global warming is a serious problem in this world. There are several reasons that it’s a problem and all of them are because it’s destroying the earth’s nation. This problem is really serious but some country don’t do anything or don’t try to help to reduce the damage of global warming. If global warming continues gradually the earth will be weaker and weaker. I want to explain what the main problem is, and what we should do to prevent global warming.

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     First the reason I am writing about the aging society is because it has been a problem in Japan for many years now. It’s a problem not because of the amount of old people but because of the low birth rate. So if the aging society continues the population of Japan will continue to reduce. But the aging society not only causes demerits but it causes merits too.

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The atmosphere, such as nitrogen and oxygen surround the earth’s surface. The sun beam reach to the earth, and bound to space. A sudden change of the bounce’s temperature is relieved by the atmosphere. There is little carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s 0.03 percent, but it has important role. The carbon dioxide absorbs heat that was emission from the surface of the earth, and radiations to the surface of the earth again. This action keep the average of temperature stands at 14℃. It’s is called “greenhouse gas”.

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We were struck by some startling data this past week. Last year saw Japan's population fall by 244,000 people – the largest natural decline in that country's history. It's a trend that's getting worse. By 2060, Japan projects that its population will have fallen by a third; 40 percent of Japanese will be retirees. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. Imagine a United States where half the population is over the age of 65: Social Security would collapse, health care costs will explode

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Japan has a serious problem about population. I refer to some websites, such as “Cable News Network”, “Wall Street Journal”, “New Scientist” and so on to write about this problem. Japan is the highest aging society in the world in the three respects, the average life expectancy, the number of person of advanced age and speed of aging. Ministry of Public Management announced that the number of over sixty five years old Japanese is three thousand one hundred 68 ten thousand. The number accounts for a fourth of gross Japanese population, and hits a new high.

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Disney is the most popular entertainment places in the world, so theme park was made in a lot of countries. For example, Florida and California in America, Paris in France, Shanghai in China and Tokyo in Japan. Tokyo Disneyland was built on April 15th in 1983. It established in Chiba prefecture. It is known as TDL by people in the world, and then the motto is “Dreams Come True”. Therefore the catch copy is “The Kingdom of Dream and Magic”. Oriental rand Co., Ltd. is administering it. The copyright of it is taken charge by Walt Disney Japan. Main character is Mickey Mouse.

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Introduction I would like to talk about hunger. Hunger is one of the biggest problems in the world. Hunger means that people cannot eat anything, and become lack of nutrition. Therefore they are in trouble because of it. Hunger effects a lot of people. Especially, kids who are born before and after. They have extraordinary. For example, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and so on. 300,000 kg delivered by Cozmoz in 2013.     Body1

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Why the Japanese foods are soo……. Delicious is because of the five seasonings from the past, and the secrets of the Japanese food is only five seasonings. These five tastes are very popular for the Japanese and everyone in Japan knows these seasonings. These are all made in japan from the past and now too.  What do you think the five seasonings are? It’s sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, and soy bean paste. These five seasonings will be the base for the Japanese foods and dishes. 

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Kozmoz is a Non-Government Organization. This NGO was founded to share the wealth of the developed nation with the countries that are not developed yet. And also they help the poor people that can’t have their foods.       Kozmoz’s root is Christian, but they don’t discrimination from the religion, political backgrounds, and race of people. That is because the goal is to feed the hungry of poor people or the peoples who need help. The idea of Kozmoz is “The developed nation should help or do something for the undeveloped nations.”

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First of all, Omi Merchants are a group of merchant who were from Omi, Shiga prefecture. They are famous from their belief of business. These people who started the business were originally from Shiga prefecture and they were doing business nearby Shiga. The time when Omi merchants begun, Nobunaga Oda held a policy named “Rakuichi-Rakuza.” This policy was made for the merchants in Omi and it denied the old policy and accepted the new merchants to start business in Omi. The old policy of business was to accept only certain merchants to do business.

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     I introduce Omi merchants and Sanpo-yoshi. Omi merchants is a merchant from Omi country, Shiga that was active from the Kamakura era through the Showa era mainly. It is one of the Japan’s three biggest merchants. It was active at the start around a small area. Then it let the all over Japan gradually escalate an activity area and business, and the person who performed trading ship authorized by the shogunate-licensed trading appeared among them. There are many things which pull the genealogy of Omi merchants in today’s big company.

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About Caroline Kennedy      Will Caroline Kennedy be a good ambassador to Japan?  I’m suspicious that she was appointed just because she supported Obama’s run for the presidential campaign.   We don’t know if she will be a good Ambassador, until she does something good or bad.She seems very smart but I’m worried that she doesn’t have enough knowledge and experience in international politics to be an ambassador.  If she doesn’t have the knowledge and experience she can’t smooth the relationship with the countries near Japan.

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This article is about the effect playing video games can have on a student’s grades.

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I live in Kobe in Hyogo in Japan. Kobe is famous for Kobe-Beef.
I'm a student at Kansai University of International Studies.
My hobby is to play video games.

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