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Japanese baseball is very popular and strong. National team is won the championship at a world cup. In addition, many Japanese players including Ichiro and Darvish and Uehara are can success in Major League. I will introduce any Japanese baseball’s information and write about my memory with baseball. 1. Japanese baseball.

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The Omi merchants   The Omi merchants give a variety of effects on the modern enterprise.The Omi merchants became famous throughout Japan, and very rich too, through their base in jute and other commercial crops. Although the centers of commercial activities were located in the towns and large cities which grew up in the Edo period, the old province of Omi, the area south and east of Lake Biwa, played a large role. Merchants from rural areas like Omi came to fill a very important place in the commercial development of Edo period Japan.

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 In 1963, broadcast of “Astro boy” began it is first “Robot Animation” in Japan. This character can fly, powerful, and have atomic engine. “Astro boy” is a special work in a work of lot of existing Osamu Tezuka. A few years pass “Astro boy” get fame, began broadcast “Mazinger Z”. It became very famous and 1970’s was born a lot of Robot Animation and a lot of similar Robot Animation.

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Caroline Kennedy is new U.S. ambassador. Her first visit attracted considerable attention. One of the reasons is because she is a daughter of John F. Kennedy. Her first official visit was November 25 2013. Caroline Kennedy visit to the northeast of Japan. Her purpose is to visit the area where she suffered from by a tsunami of 2011. She told that she arrived at the area with the people who survived from a tsunami.

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 I didn’t know Caroline Kennedy is the only living child of former president John F. Kennedy (father) and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy (mother). I feel Caroline Kennedy is serious people. I think she was not happy. Because her father was assassinated. And her mother was married with Greek People. The Greek People is not real Caroline Kennedy father. So, she was not happy. When she came to Japan, she paid attention for Japanese people. While she stayed in United States Embassy she talked about U.S. Marine Corps base in Okinawa. When she came to Japan, she said “John F.

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