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Is it possible that computers replace teachers? There is a huge discussion on this question. There are many researchers or enthusiasts who claim that computer-based learning will replace teachers. There are also people who disagree with computers replacing teachers. Both sides have clear opinions and it is not so easy for us to help students choose the way of studying. Meanwhile, many schools or cram schools introduce computers in classes recently. Which is more effective for students to be taught by computers or teachers?

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Have you heard the word, Karoshi? Karoshi means “death from overwork”. The causes are stroke, heart attack and suicide due to stress. According to RT News (2016), a new Japanese government poll has shown that a fifth of the country’s employee face the risk of death from overwork. The research targeted some 10,000 companies and 20,000 workers responded over two months between December 2015 and January 2016. It is said that the Japanese people have their strict work culture and putting in long hours. Hundreds of deaths from overwork are recorded and escalated every year.

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April 26th 1986. The worst industrial accident happened.. Many lives taken and a contaminated environment for the next 10 000 years.  The worst man-made disaster. The world knew that Chernobyl happened because of the data recorded by a swedish nuclear power plant the morning following the explosion. With all the information findable today, it is possible to know what happened that tragic night and what are the results of Chernobyl.   

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Equal education is something that is really important in today’s world. As well as being a basic human right, education is the key to health and economic improvement. It also provides everyone the ability to read, write and to better understand the world that surrounds them. Everybody should have access to the right of learning and of developing their abilities to the maximum. Unfortunately, the lack of equality in today’s world prevents certain people from going to school. Indeed, girls in many underdeveloped countries do not have access to a good education.

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There are a lot of Shinto shrines in Japan, and lots of foreign tourists are interested in them. Shrines are visited during special events such as the New Year, Shichigosan,which is a Japanese annual event to celebrate health growth and wish longevity for three and seven-year-old daughters. Many couples hold their wedding ceremonies there and new born babies are traditionally brought to a shrine a few weeks after birth to celebrate their bath. People visit shrines in order to pay respect to the gods or to pray for good fortune.

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What is the heart of the public train stations in Japan? Many Japanese people would answer that it is Tokyo Station. It is the biggest station in Japan. We can feel tradition and dignity there. That is because it has been under construction even though over 100 years has passed since it was built. Today, I will introduce the history of the station, its features and famous spots in it.

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First of all, not knowing what’s going to happen in the future is a good thing. If we already knew exactly how our whole life is going to be, it would be very boring. Just imagine knowing the date of our death. Also, life is an adventure. Every day is a chance to learn and discover. It’s sure that sometimes adventures can be frightening, but in the end, the excitement surely surpasses the fear. Finally, living in fear will not lead to anything good. It’s better to see in the future an occasion to improve yourself rather than think about what can go wrong.

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A few years earlier, TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) becomes a current topic around the world, we can hear often about it on TV or newspapers. However, there are many difficult words, and time goes without our understanding. TPP was not global like now at first, only it worked for 4 countries. Hence, it is inevitable for the people in the other countries not to know details, so I searched websites and learned the merits and demerits of TPP. I will write my opinion about TPP.

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 Have you ever dreamed about your own house? What kind of house do you want to live? When we build houses, we are going to order our requests to architects. Today, I would like to introduce an architect, and after that I will tell you about my opinion for his work.  

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Are Fukushima’s accident showing effects in the world?  

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The Fukushima disaster   5142043 Risa Fukui        In Japan, many kinds of natural disasters often cause. What happen to Fukushima and people who live in the prefecture some years ago? There are many problems in Fukushima, especially, The Great East Japan Earthquake, water problem and nukes. They have not solved yet, however it is the fact. What do Japanese people think about it? Today, I would like to talk about these serious problems. In addition, I want to look back the terrible happening and consider about it again.

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