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Have you ever heard of the word “Black Company”? The origin of this word is Japanese and it refers to a company which doesn’t follow the Labor Standards Law. According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of workers suffered from Black companies in 2012 was 1,067,210. Some of them got diseases, some mental problems or others lost their lives, so I think that we must do something against them as soon as possible. In this essay, I will explain the reasons why the problems that they have today and the measures against them.

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In Japan, the Japanese government recommends and promotes old people who are over 65 years old to return their driver’s license to prevent and decrease traffic accidents, I think that the recommendation is an effective action. Recently, some Japanese old people had traffic accidents, because of their poor driving ability. They have lost their physical ability. Such as decreased vision, impaired hearing, and slowed motor reflexes. So today, I will introduce a demerit and merits of returning old people’s driver’s license.

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Food Wasting Monsters  

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The most child-friendly kindergarten in Japan attracts many people. It is famous for its unique design. There are an endless playground, and trees growing through classrooms. The ordinary kindergartens do not have them, so we can say it is a novel kindergarten. The name of kindergarten is ‘Fuji Kindergarten’. It’s located in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. This essay will show you the features of Fuji kindergarten, the roles of trees, and the devices that make children feel comfortable.

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What is the heart of the public train stations in Japan? Many Japanese people would answer that it is Tokyo Station. It is the biggest station in Japan. We can feel tradition and dignity there. That is because it has been under construction even though over 100 years has passed since it was built. Today, I will introduce the history of the station, its features and famous spots in it.

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In secondary five, most of the students have to choose a program in Cegep or a DEP that will sort of determine the rest of their life. The thing is that when students do not know what they want to do with their life, future can be more frightening than exciting. Even if choosing a pre-university program buys two more years, this time might not be long enough to realize what people want to do next. For the people who always knew what they wanted, it can be frightening too. Indeed, they might have to move to another city and start a whole new life.

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To begin, many wars have been declared in different countries. Many people die everyday. Our planet is not a safe place anymore. Moreover, we often here the media talking about the end of the world. Each one of us is responsible for destroying our nature. There are too many cars which cause bad smoke slowly killing our atmosphere. To many trees cut down, so less and less oxygen left for humans. The world is sick. To continue, people in the under-developed countries are starving. They do not have enough money to live a better life.

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Today, I am going to think about Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP). TPP is one of the biggest issue in Japan. Many Japanese people think about this issue, but they don’t have enough knowledge about it. Therefore, I would like to talk about TPP’s positive points and negative points in this paper.

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Today, I would like to talk about the issue of refugees in Japan. In this paper, I would like to focus on three points. The first one is the institution that how the Japanese government accepts refugees. The second one is how many people tried to migrate to Japan last year. The last one is what happens if people are accepted as refugees in Japan.

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5142030 Natsuki Shimabukuro Fuhushima  

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