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I'm Shoko.
I'm 19years old.
I'm from Osaka.
I love Disney.

Nice to meet you guys❤︎


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An aging society is one of the biggest problem in Japan. Therefore it effects to society of Japan. Background Today, an aging advance in Japan, and then a declining birth rates also do. Both of them is connected closely. An aging society has many problems. For example, problem of a public pension plan, health of elderly people, woman’s empowerment and so on. Causes A birth rate decrease, and then death rate causes growing of the average life expectancy.

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Disney is the most popular entertainment places in the world, so theme park was made in a lot of countries. For example, Florida and California in America, Paris in France, Shanghai in China and Tokyo in Japan. Tokyo Disneyland was built on April 15th in 1983. It established in Chiba prefecture. It is known as TDL by people in the world, and then the motto is “Dreams Come True”. Therefore the catch copy is “The Kingdom of Dream and Magic”. Oriental rand Co., Ltd. is administering it. The copyright of it is taken charge by Walt Disney Japan. Main character is Mickey Mouse.

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Introduction I would like to talk about hunger. Hunger is one of the biggest problems in the world. Hunger means that people cannot eat anything, and become lack of nutrition. Therefore they are in trouble because of it. Hunger effects a lot of people. Especially, kids who are born before and after. They have extraordinary. For example, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and so on. 300,000 kg delivered by Cozmoz in 2013.     Body1

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I’m going to talk about my hometown. I’m from Izumiotsu in Osaka. Izumiotsu is between Skai and Kishiwada, so I think that Izumiotsu is small town and countryside. However, it has yuruchra. My hometown’s character’s name is ozumin. Ozumin is sheep, because Izumiotsu is one of the famous town that towel is made. I really want to use that.

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I’m going to talk about my daily life and I had a great Golden Weeks. My part-time job is a shop assistant in Family Mart. Family Mart is one of the famous convenience stores in japan. Do you know that? Apart from that Lawson and Seven Eleven are known in Japan. Which is the most famous convenience store in your country? In my opinion, I think that Family Mart is the best shop in other convenience stores.

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I’m going to talk about Purikura. It is one of the most popular amusements in Japan. That’s why there are some special effects. For example, when we take pictures on Purikura, our eyes becomes bigger than our original. Apart from that if we don’t make up our face, we will be able to be seen like making up our face. In addition, we can choose colors of skin, size of face or length of legs. By the way, scribbling tools of it is superior. At first, stamps are very pretty. In the next place, we can change color of lips and cheek and so on. Color of them are a lot.

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What do I think about Caroline Kennedy?  

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I'm going to talk about Caroline Kennedy. Her real name is Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. She is from New York in U.S. She is one of the famous lawyers all over the world. However, she helps Japan actively like her father. Her father is a president who a lot of people know. She has liked Japan when she was a child. That's why she was impressed with actions of Japanese people when some country destroyed by the disaster. So when Japan was frecentry visited by tidal waves, she was the first to arrive on the scene.

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President Obama Nominates Caroline Kennedy to be an ambassador to Japan. I think its good opportunity to have relationships between Japan and America. I read the article of Ms. Kennedy, and it was about her impression of Japan. She’s been to Japan when she was 20 years old, and also she’s been to Tohoku Japan as an ambassador. She talked with a woman who survived the disaster about their lives in temporary housing units and told the survivors that she admired their courage and resilience. She came to Japan many times, so I was surprised about it.

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Caroline Bouvier Kennedy is the lawyer in America and the first female who is U.S. ambassador in Japan. In 2013, American government recommended Kennedy for U.S. ambassador in Japan, then the White House decided to appoint Kennedy to be U.S. ambassador in Japan on July 24th. Japanese upper chamber recognize it on October 16th and she promised to be it at the State Department on November 12th. Shortly after that, she visited to the northeastern region to Honshu to see disaster area.

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I'm Shoko.
I'm 19years old.
I'm from Osaka.
I love Disney.

Nice to meet you guys❤︎

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