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Hello!!! I'm Ryuichi! I'm a student in Kansai University of International Studies.
I'm from Taishi town, Hyogo where is the largest prefecture in Kansai area.
My goal is to be an English teacher of high school or junior high school.
My favorite artists are T.M.Revolution (,, SID (, and Janne Da Arc (,
My hobbies are listening music, drawing pictures, singing any songs and playing musical instrument (e.g., Trombone). I love music!


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What did you do in your winter vacation? Many people go to shrine and they hope becoming happy for this year in Japanese New Year’s Day. And children get a lot of New Year’s gift money. They buy something that they want item by this money. Many Japanese people eat osechi in this day. There are common New Year’s Day in Japan. Today, I will talk about my New Year’s Day and before day.

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     Japan has many, many kind of large shops we often visit and buy some meals, but Japan also has a lot of unique shops. Do you know? If so, have you ever seen and been to the shop? I want to tell you about three Japanese unique shops.  

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Several weeks ago, we were able to reach just New Year. The beginning of New Year is very happy for us. In 2014, various things happened in Japan. I think that there were a lot of happy event that people should be pleased with and events becoming sad. I look forward to what kind of events are going to happen in 2015. By the way, what did you do in New Year holidays? You went out to the house of your relative to play, and did you travel somewhere? I want to have my talks from December 30 to New Year holidays from now on. I am glad if you read till the last.

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People have the town really come and have you know the charm of the town. The popularity of the town rises and is thereby activated. Urban tourism leads to the activation of the town very much. Are you interested in the urban tourism, and have you ever experienced it? Today, I’d like to introduce about new urban tourism in Japan, and I introduce about the city under the castle of Kishiwada. I’m glad if you’re able to know about Kishiwada urban tourism and be interested in it after reading this article.

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2014 is going to be ended soon, and we are going to greet 2015 all over the world. You will look forward to the moment just now, and so will I. Then, when we could greet the time, we would enjoy a festival, meeting relatives and friends, and going on a trip to somewhere. By this article, I would like to write it about the way of enjoying for New Year holidays in Japan. After having read this, you may know the difference between your country and how to spend Japanese New Year’s Day. Furthermore, I would like to speak another Japanese event, “O-Bon”, the Japanese All Soul’s Day. In fact, it is very similar with Halloween.

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What do you imagine about a traditional clothing? It may include ethnic clothing. I would like to introduce one of the Japanese traditional clothing this time. It has many types, which has been worn for a long time. Now, please read this article, and let's find out the fun of a Japanese traditional clothing!

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Japan held the Olympics once each for the summer and the winter season. It is Tokyo and Nagano. The economy of Japan rose very much and Japan is proud of this in those days. And Japan intends to hold the Olympics once again in Tokyo in the summer now. By the way, please remember what was happened in Japan in last summer. It means that it maximizes finance and the popularity of the country that a country holds the Olympics. I am going to write the article about various things over the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 this time.

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When people want some entertainment, they are going to usually go to the theme parks. Those place where entertainment gathers excites people and lets you make it crazy about them. A theme park pleasing people is in Japan.

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Expert Japanese actor Takeshi Takakura died of an 83-year-old lymphoma. His office said that the actor died in Tokyo Hospital on November 10 on Tuesday. Because I came to like social media because a fan showed respect for "Ken-san" online, it has an outflow of the sorrow. When this news child heard it for the first time, I was surprised very much. Takeshi Takakura became my favorite actor recently. In this article, there is a title called "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles". When I watched this, I knew him for the first time. In this movie, he was very taciturn father. However, he was very active father. I was impressed by his performance and this movie.

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Is it your favorite to watch TV? We should have at least one TV to watch some movies, animations, and other TV shows, and find some favorite TV shows from TV. Now, when would you like to watch TV? Do you watch at the time of lunch and dinner, or watch when there is the TV show which you want to? It varies in individuals. The system of the favorite TV show is so again, too. From now, I introduce about some Japanese TV shows which I like and want to recommend. Also, I’d like to recommend one of Japanese movie.

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5. Opinions about the story:I like this article, because I was in tennis club when I was junior high school student. Nishikori is my longing player. This article write sentence of Nishikori. 6. Summary or Plot (no more than 5 sentences)This article write about Nishikori. Nishikori is tennis player rank 5 all over the world.Nishikori was attention by many people.became the first Asian singles player to qualify for the prestigious season-ending Tour Finals after climbing to fifth in the world rankings.Many people want to his win. 

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I like this article because I was interested in Airplane. I think that a lot of commercial passenger planes are produced in Japan recently. I look forward to how a Japanese airline will develop in future.

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In your country, what do the people eat as lunch? Do they cook something in a house, or do they go to the restaurants such as cafeterias? In Japan, the people usually go to the restaurant or cook in a house. However, they often use a Bento. This time, I would like to talk you about Bento (a lunch box). The reason why I want to talk about this is it stands on a Japanese tradition. The meal style of Japanese was westernized as the lifestyle modernized, but Bento has been still king in Japan and used from old years. Also, it is usually used outdoor, indoor, or some special times. I want to convey to people of the world how interesting the traditional Japanese lunch box which still does not change the style is.

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5142032 Kiei Takeda Halloween and Obon (Final Paper)               Today, I will introduce about Halloween and Obon. Obon is called Japanese Halloween, but I don’t think so. This time I will show you about these similarities and differences. After that, I will compare Halloween and Obon.

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This article I read is written about online music. In the world, getting the music by the downloading becomes mainstream, but, in Japan, getting the CD is mainstream. Japan competes against a global music industry by the continuous attachment for the CD keenly. Also, Japan lays emphasis on selling a CD in particular. I like this article. It is harmful to the Japanese music company to get music by downloading, and they are going to strongly sell a CD to us. However, the Japanese who are going to download music from the Internet and application are saw well. By the way, I usually download from the application if I can’t buy CDs I really want.

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     The Tokyo Harvest event will be held on November to express gratitude to farmers and fishermen. The city of gourmet, Tokyo is always full of tasty foods, but we don’t have a good chance to thank to producers. So, on this occasion, let’s say thank to producers and enjoy seasonal autumn tastes.

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     This article written about anime-manga. Kyoto manga-anime is largest in Kansai. This fair comes foreign countries. This fair come about 40,000 peoples. This fair is evolution now.      I like this article, because this article is written about anime and business. I like money, so I am interested in business. I think fair can show of  the company`s strong point.

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The foods of Hokkaido get attention of the world for a passing food item now. In this article, there is the explanation about a farmhouse of Sapporo and the cooperative. Their efforts are for the event of farmers called "the restaurant of the farm". I like this article. When I was high school student, I had been to Hokkaido on the school trip, and I had eaten delicious food there. These understood that it was produced by the effort of local farmer and fishermen. I want to just thank them.

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When I go to school from the home to the university, I use a train every day. In addition, only at the time of commuting, I use a train at the time of trips. However, I have used to ride the Shinkansen only once. In this way, we usually use a train and the Shinkansen at the time of commuting or traveling. So, how would they be born? First, I introduce the history of the Japanese Shinkansen from now

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I heard this summer vacation’s memories of two my classmates, and they sound like so happy. I felt that they spent very substantial summer vacation, so I will introduce about their memories of this vacation. At first, I introduce Megumi’s summer memory. She went to Ishikawa with her boyfriend, live in Ishikawa. That time, she saw Ishikawa gate and hanged out with friends. Also, she went to Spa World with her university friends in September 26th. That time, she enjoyed a lot of baths and salt sauna, but she did not seem to be in the sauna for a long time. I have never been to Ishikawa and Spa World, and I also have never known and seen Ishikawa gate, but I am interested. So I want to go in either even once sometime. Next, I introduce Yuu’s summer memory. She went back to Okinawa and stayed for a month. Okinawa is her home town. That time, she ate very delicious food, played fireworks with her local friends and went to Ikema Island in Okinawa. In there, she enjoyed playing some marine sports. She seemed to really enjoy. Also, she went to Saitama to watch basketball game. She said that all players that participated in the game were high level. I thought it sounded very exciting. In conclusion, I thought that I felt that their summer vacations were really substantial and they really enjoyed summer vacation. To be frank, I felt them enviable. I worked part-time in convenience store on a half of the summer vacation, and I think it was the worst memory. However, if I had only one memory, it was that I participated in summer music festival as a member of the citizen's brass band. Only this was the really best memory during this vacation. Therefore, I’d like to spend really substantial in next summer vacation.

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Hello!!! I'm Ryuichi! I'm a student in Kansai University of International Studies.
I'm from Taishi town, Hyogo where is the largest prefecture in Kansai area.
My goal is to be an English teacher of high school or junior high school.