Civil Rights

President Trump is Ashamed of the N.F.L


The issue being discussed in this article, is the fact that the N.F.L players decided not to kneel during the American National Anthem before a game. President Trump was very offended by this and believed that the players had no respect for America. Their excuse was that they would not kneel for a country where racial oppression still occurs. Even though, Trump believed that these players should be fired since he was very ashamed of this having occurred and many fans were very angry of this event. Many apologies have had to be made by other teams.

The Image of Racism and Slavery in Confederate Statues

Eric Foner, professor of history at Columbia, describes the issue of Confederate statues in an article for The New York Times. He describes that multiple reactions have appeared regarding the removal of Confederate statues in the United States, including President Trump who has described that such removal tears apart ''the history and culture of our great country''. The debate of removing Confederate statues arises from a history that begins before the American Civil War. 

Realities of Bill 62


Just recently Quebec has passed Bill 62 which prevents the covering of the face when receiving or administering a public service. Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée set out to clarify this very controversial ban. She says the law will only apply when communication, identification, and security reasons are involved. She says the law will only be implemented in certain cases, and was not meant to be “repressive”.


Men and Feminism

An article posted on the “Women’s Agenda”, written by Rob Sturrock, on November 1st, 2017, discuss how men can be involve in the feminist movement. Some may ignore the fact that we need males in the movement but most agree that having males by our side will only make things better. Feminists are only looking for equal rights and not superiority so why not work together?

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?


A 17-year-old undocumented pregnant teen has been withheld from getting an abortion while in a Texas shelter for abandoned minors. The Trump Administration has been fighting against a court decision to allow the procedure. In court documents, she has been named Jane Doe and she was still able to proceed with pre-abortion counselling because of a Texas law, which took place on October 19.

Say Hello to the New World; Technology


The world has been changing for the better and the worst. This change is all because of the recent development in the technology sector, where the old methods doing business have almost entirely disappeared with the ability to get information on someone in a second, through the internet. This advancement means that how companies hire and train their employees have changed as well. Now everyone must be cautious when writing online or on social media platforms. For the baby boomers, this has become a negative thing for some.

The State of Healthcare in the United-States Today

In a study published in the Journal of Association of American Medical Colleges nearly eight years ago, there was an intricate investigation into the healthcare system of the United-States and its efficiency. The purpose of the research was to get a medical student’s perspective on the healthcare system and their opinion on whether we should expand coverage and spending on programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

The Controversial Bill 62


The news article “Toronto students reconsider Quebec universities after Bill 62” expresses how Bill 62 is forcing many students to re-evaluate getting an education in the province of Quebec. This new law prohibits people who wear face coverings from receiving any sort of public service, whether it be provincial or municipal. This new bill prompts debate for if it is targeting Muslim women. Many individuals say that the initiation of Bill 62 gives the impression that Muslims are not welcome in the province of Quebec anymore.

Are You Your Aesthetic?

I believe it is an erroneous concept to think that one's mindset can't be entirely reflected through his aesthetic, as there are multiple factors converging into what will make you who you are. However, one's aesthetic can give an idea of what are this person's beliefs and/or what are her traits of character. 

Possibility of New Indigenous Jurist at the Supreme Court


Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, announced her resignation from her position, effective December 15th, 2017. Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, re-emphasized the importance for the country to observe reconciliation between Aboriginals and other Canadians: the possibility of having an Indigenous candidate to replace Ms. McLachlin would be the perfect occasion to demonstrate the sincerity of these affirmations. After the screening process, only a small population of very well qualified Indigenous people were identified.